Gmail gains a “Save to Photos” button as Google brings a handy new shortcut to the iOS app

Google now lets you save image attachments from Gmail to your Google Photos account with ease. Also, the company rolled out a new Siri shortcut command in Gmail for iOS and iPadOS.


  • Save an emailed Gmail image to Google Photos easily.
  • Just click a new “Save to Photos” button in Gmail.
  • Gmail for iOS gets a shortcut to start a Meet call.

A screenshot showing a Gmail image attachment along with the Save to Google Photos option selected in the contextual menu
Gmail’s new Save to Photos option. Image credit: Google

Easy saving of Gmail image attachments to Google Photos

The new button is rolling out in Gmail’s web interface.

With it, you can easily save image attachments from emails in your Google Photos account. Simply open an email in Gmail’s web interface, then click an attachment to open it. Now hit the three dots in the upper-right corner of Gmail’s image viewer, then choose “Save to Photos.”

The new button is rolling out in stages so check back if it hasn’t appeared for you yet. For what it’s worth, the company mentions up to fifteen days for feature visibility. The handy new option is available to personal Gmail users, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and G Suite Business customers, according to the company’s post on the Google Workspace blog.

“This new feature frees you from having to download photo attachments from Gmail messages in order to then manually back them up to Google Photos,“ reads the post.

The button currently doesn’t work on PNG images, only JPGs can be saved to Google Photos.

PSA: Google Photos is removing free uploads.

Google Photos is removing free uploads. As detailed in a recent post on the Google Photos blog that the service’s unlimited storage option will be going away beginning June 1, 2021.

How to transfer your iCloud images and videos to Google Photos

From that point on, any Google Photos uploads will count against your fifteen gigabytes of free Google storage—you’ll need to choose between the High Quality setting (more images at reduced quality) or the Original one (original-resolution media with no change to quality).

Any media that you upload to Google Photos before June 1 won’t count towards the new limit.

Start a Meet call in Gmail for iOS with Siri

Last but not least, Google’s mobile Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad was updated on the App Store with a convenient Siri shortcut that enables you to start a new call with Google Meet using just your voice. “Hey Siri, start a new meeting” or some such should do the trick.

“You can now add a shortcut to Siri to start a new Meet call faster,” Google writes in the changelog for the latest Google for iOS update (version 6.0.210502).

You can download Gmail for iOS in the App Store.