Court Sentences Men Accused of Selling iPhone 4 Prototype to Gizmodo

It looks like the iPhone 4 debacle is getting one step closer to its end, as Brian Hogan, the man who found the iPhone 4 prototype last year, and Sage Wallower, the man who helped Hogan pitch the sale of the device to tech blogs, have been sentenced by the court.

The two were sentenced to one year of probation, 40 hours of public service, and a requirement to pay $250 each in restitution to Apple...

Pictures of a Cheaper iPhone Based on the iPhone 4 Surface, Two iPhones Coming Tuesday After All

Gizmodo has done it again. The same site that got its hands on the iPhone 4 before it was released has also procured images of what is assumedly a new iPhone to be announced on Tuesday.

The device, codenamed 'N90A', is not the iPhone 4S (codenamed 'N94). That device is still coming, but this photo is of the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 that will be launched next week, too.

Should Apple Sue Gawker Media for Gizmodo Story?

A few weeks ago, we told you that the infamous iPhone 4 prototype case was coming to an end. The two guys that took part in snagging the lost device, and eventually sold it to Gizmodo, are getting their comeuppance.

The two men are facing non-felony charges, with an arraignment set for the end of the week. Although Gizmodo, and their parent company Gawker Media, aren't involved in the criminal case, the firm has a lot riding on it...

Guy Shows Up to Apple Store With Assault Rifle

Apple Stores have been the source of a few strange stories over the past couple of weeks. First, there was the case of the fake retail locations that starting turning up in China recently.

Then, there was Mark Malkoff, who got away with bringing a live goat into an Apple Store. Now stop me if you've heard this next one. A guy walks into an Apple Store with an automatic assault rifle and...

Gizmodo iPhone 4 Case Finally Coming to an End

I think most of you folks will recall the infamous iPhone 4 debacle that occurred last Spring. Months before the device's official release, an Apple engineer left his test unit at a bar in San Jose, California.

Not only did someone pick it up, but they negotiated a deal to sell the thing to Gizmodo. As serious as Apple is about secrecy, and given Steve Jobs' passionate temper, a lot of folks figured this kid wouldn't live through the weekend...

iPhone “Spy Shots” Are Easier to Fake Than You Think

It's no secret that posting a purposed "spy shot" of Apple's upcoming smartphone will bring all of the skeptics out of the woodwork. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the photos have a tendency to be a little on the fake side.

Advances in image-editing software have made producing a realistic-looking "leaked photo" extremely easy. How easy? Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo made the above image in under 10 minutes...

Guy Walks Into a Bar, Finds a White iPhone 4

I'm so sick of white iPhone 4 rumors, yet here I am writing about one. Apparently, another white iPhone 4 has been spotted in public. This time, the mythical device was allegedly spotted at bar (how ironic).

There have been dozens of proposed reasons for the infamous white iPhone 4 delay. The most popular rumor has been that there is an issue with the white paint coating from the production line.

Whatever the reason, the official release has been delayed several times. It was "available" for a short time on the Apple Store before it was pulled. The device has been allegedly caught on tape, and legitimately spotted in public...

A Look at Life Inside Foxconn’s iPhone Factory

Consumers rarely have the opportunity to see what life is like for the people that work in large factories around the world. However, some light has been shed as of late on what life is like behind the smoke stacks of certain industrial giants.

Foxconn, the manufacturer that Apple contracts to make iPhones, has been under the microscope lately over employee suicides. Recently, Gizmodo got an exclusive look at Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen, China. The article focuses on the living conditions for the 420,000 workers...

Police Interview Steve Jobs About Stolen iPhone

This is one of my favorite conspiracy theories. Back in March, Apple reported that an employee of theirs was drinking in the bar and lost the most recent prototype of what would be the iPhone 4. Talk about a buzz kill. Or was it?

I maintained that Apple purposely dropped the device to generate months of buzz leading up to the phone being released. That's exactly what ended up happening. Now CNET reports that the police connected to the case have interviewed numerous Apple employees, including Steve Jobs...

Steve Jobs is a Ninja?

Airports give us our funniest stories. People hauling every piece of garbage they own across the country with them often results in some hilarious revelations. Enter, Steve Jobs.

Gizmodo has a brief from a Bloomberg outlet that says that while Steve Jobs was getting his luggage at Kansai International Airport in Japan this July, security officials were forced to apprehend Jobs momentarily for having ninja throwing stars in his bags. It didn't stop there...