Court Sentences Men Accused of Selling iPhone 4 Prototype to Gizmodo

It looks like the iPhone 4 debacle is getting one step closer to its end, as Brian Hogan, the man who found the iPhone 4 prototype last year, and Sage Wallower, the man who helped Hogan pitch the sale of the device to tech blogs, have been sentenced by the court.

The two were sentenced to one year of probation, 40 hours of public service, and a requirement to pay $250 each in restitution to Apple…

Apparently, the District Attorney wanted them to get them some jail time, but the judge decided otherwise:

“The judge considered that Wallower had served in the armed forces and Hogan was enrolled in San Jose State, and neither had any criminal record, and decided that jail time wasn’t required. Someone from my office called Apple’s general counsel. This is a fairly routine theft case. This was a couple of youthful people who should have known better.”

Looks like the case is closed.