Apple’s creating a portal for legal law enforcement user data requests

To better handle data requests from law enforcement agencies, Apple plans on introducing a dedicated website for this purpose before the end of the year. This online portal will become the one-stop location law enforcement agencies worldwide can go to submit requests for data, track requests, and obtain responsive data from Apple. The company's plans were recently added to a government privacy page on the Apple website. 

California governor signs smartphone kill switch bill into law

A bill that requires all smartphones manufactured after July 1st of next year, and sold in California, to include a remote kill switch was signed into law this afternoon. Introduced in February of this year, the bill hopes to make mobile devices less attractive to criminals, as smartphone thefts have grown exponentially in recent years, in several major US cities.

Specifically, the new law requires that each handset prompt an authorized user during initial setup to enable a "technological solution" that, once initiated, can render the essential features of the device inoperable to an unauthorized user. The solution must be reversible, must be able to withstand a hard reset, and may consist of software, hardware, or both.