After multiple rejections from Apple, the FlickType keyboard app for Apple Watch is being discontinued

There are many app developers out there in the wild that are more than happy to work with Apple, and work within Apple's App Store ecosystem and rules. Even some big companies. However, there are some developers who have run afoul of Apple's review process for apps in one way or another, or take umbrage with the digital storefront's rules. For Kosta Eleftheriou, it's a bit of both.

Apple tried to make Flash work on the iPhone, but the performance was just “abysmal”

Apple used to derail Adobe's now-defunct Flash software as an outdated technology past its prime. But former iOS chief Scott Forstall has revealed a little-known fact: the Cupertino tech giant actually did work with Adobe on trying to make the once-ubiquitous multimedia software work on the iPhone, but the results were just “abysmal” and “embarrassing.”