AppShopper App Helps You Find Deals on iPhone Applications

The iPhone App Store has had over 300,000 entries accepted in its short lived history while almost 250,000 are currently available for download. I often find myself asking how I can find an obscure application or when a popular entry might go on sale. Enter AppShopper.

Gizmodo recently reported that the popular website now has a native app for the iPhone that will track when apps go on sale and announce the arrival of recently added entries. Certainly this beats Apple's featured apps tab and the best part about it is, you guessed it, it's free...

Screenshots of iOS 4.1 Show HDR Photography & HD Uploading Abilities

The release of iOS 4.1 will come next week sometime but Gizmodo has gotten ahold of some screenshots that show off the new operating system's fanciest feature. As Steve Jobs announced today the new OS will enable high dynamic range photography, otherwise known as HDR.

For those who are unaware of the premise behind HDR, the feature takes multiple images to create a more colorful splash and sensation for the final product. Whether your a highly tuned photographer or just like snapping shots with your iPhone you'll be able to experience the benefits of having such an ability within your native camera app...

Can Humidity Trigger The iPhone’s Water Sensors?

This is quite the contrast to the over-heating problem experienced by some iPhone owners. Gizmodo reports that Asian countries that deal with humidity indexes that average over 95% are suffering voided warranties due to water sensors' inability to handle the sticky conditions. As if living in 95% humidity wasn't bad enough in itself.

Apparently message boards have been lighting up to this topic and The South China Morning Post confirms the allegations that the devices suffering from the problem have been chalked up as water damaged. Back in April in the United States a class action lawsuit was filed over the same issue...

USB Spy Stick Allows Access to Deleted Content From Your iPhone

Well this sucks. Yesterday iDB reported on comments from the Chicago Police about the usefulness of recovering data from seized iPhones. Now Gizmodo says that a product eerily called the iPhone Spy Stick can access deleted data from your iPhone via USB.

For those asking how on earth a USB device could plug itself into your device, the stick comes with the necessary adapter. Nice eh?

Directly from the Spy Stick's website is the indicated abilities attached to the $199 priced accessory:


Get access to deleted information Download text messages and view calls made Recover deleted contacts and calendar items View pictures and other multimedia Get access to map history to see locations searched on the iPhone’s map with exact GPS coordinates Get access to notes, voice memos, multimedia files, and dynamic text data Downloading data is as simple as attaching the iPhone and iPhone Data Recovery Stick to a computer and pressing start iPhone information is saved on any computer and can be moved to other drives as a regular file Looks like an ordinary USB flash drive

Popular Uses:

Catch a cheating spouse Monitor your kids iPhone text messaging and Internet use Check on employees using company issues iPhones Restore deleted files

Before you freak out about your iPhone's security, it is worth mentioning that the not-so-friendly USB stick is currently only usable on iPhone iOS 3.2.1 and earlier. I'd venture to say this mostly targets those still using the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G. However the October version is said be coming for iOS 4 devices.

Will this stop users from selling their old iPhone when it comes time to upgrade? Please tell us your thoughts in our totally secure comment section.