The Tylt Ruggd case is built for style and damage protection

If you are prone to dropping, abusing, and misusing your iPad Air, hopefully you are shopping around for a solid case. You are going to need something with a shockproof design, corner protection, rubberized absorbing base layer, and a little bit of flexibility. All of those features are built neatly into the TYLT RUGGD iPad Air case.

Making no bones about design, the RUGGD forgoes any eye candy design and goes straight for protection. With bulky corner cushioning and what appear to be four leg-like bumpers on the back, RUGGD should have you safe and sound, unless you drop it face down.

Incipio Lexington folio gives professional flare to your iPad Air

iPad Air cases abound, as is expected with any Apple product. Flooded markets of parts, pieces, cases, and accessories define the smart device realm. Incipio being a standard in the Apple accessory market is always quick to offer several solutions for all devices. Today, we take a closer look at the Lexington hard shell folio case. The Lexington is a rigid case that will keep you protected just about anywhere, but still look classy in the office. The rigid Plextonium back offers necessary support, but keeps things minimal and crisp.

Twelve South launches SurfacePad for the iPad Mini

Mac and iOS device accessory maker Twelve South launched its popular SurfacePad for the iPad mini today. The cover, which hit the market last spring for the iPhone 5, is made up of high-quality Napa leather and doubles as both a stand and typing wedge.

But what sets the SurfacePad apart from other covers and cases is that it uses an adhesive backing to attach to the device, rather than trying to fit around the device, which helps cut down on thickness. The cover comes in at just 0.1 inches (or 3.0 mm) thick...

Moshi launches flip cover iPhone case with embedded sensors

Accessory maker Moshi on Tuesday announced a new flip cover case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The TouchSense, as the name implies, allows you to answer incoming phone calls and silence alarms without having to open the cover.

This nice feat has been accomplished by putting Moshi's proprietary touch-sensitive SensArray plates on the front cover, right where iOS 7's slide-to-unlock (or answer) thingie appears.

And what happens should Apple change the Lock screen UI in the future? I guess Moshi's engineers haven't bothered themselves with such mundane concerns...

Apple could announce Surface style iPad keyboard cover tomorrow

A sketchy video recently asserted Apple's Smart Cover for iPad has undergone a redesign that may launch Tuesday alongside new iPads. Suspiciously, we've seen no credible leak whatsoever to support the thesis. Though Apple's filed for a number of iPad keyboard cover patents, it's unclear in what direction it might take the Smart Cover come tomorrow.

If you ask a former Apple engineer, however, the company is seeking to address the success Microsoft has seen with Touch Type covers for the Surface by releasing its own Surface-inspired keyboard case for the new iPads that will incorporate a physical QWERTY keyboard and a bunch of other functions...

Should the iPhone Get a Smart Cover?

When Apple introduced the Smart Cover for the iPad 2, everyone went nuts! "It's magical!" "What a genius design!" — Apple had made the coolest thing since sliced bread.

We recently showed you a concept for a 'Smart Keyboard' on the iPhone, and it got us thinking: Should the iPhone have its own Smart Cover, too?

Who Knew Bernie Madoff’s Pants Would Make Great iPad Covers?

Things have taken a rather turn for the strange here at iDownloadBlog today, with news coming from the New York Post of a swanky new iPad cover being made available.

The new cover, offered for sale by Frederick James, are apparently fashioned out of the pants (that's trousers, for us Brits) of one Bernie Madoff...

iPad 2 Smart Cover Magnet Magic Revealed

Along with Apple's exciting new iPad 2 launch, was the unveiling of a new accessory. The Smart Cover, made by Apple, uses a magnet system to attach itself to the iPad 2's screen.

At first glance it can appear magical. The cover literally snaps itself into place. Need an impromptu stand for your iPad 2? The Smart Cover converts into a stand with ease, practically on its own. It certainly makes you wonder, "How did they do that?"

Luckily veteran iDevice dismantler, iFixit, had the guts to rip one open and find out. The answer was obviously simple, magnets. But how many magnets does it take to make a Smart Cover work? Thirty-one. Ten in the iPad 2, in the right bezel, and twenty-one in the Smart Cover.

Interestingly enough, they are just your run-of-the-mill, two-pole magnets. It's the way they are configured that makes manipulating the Smart Cover so easy. iFixit also noted that there is one, specific magnet, that is used to lock and unlock the iPad 2 as the cover's attached.

So it appears this magical magnet myth has been busted (say that 3 times fast). It turns out it was just really good engineering mixed with some good marketing, neither of which Apple is a stranger to.

Does anyone use a Smart Cover for their iPad 2? How does it work as a stand? Tell us below!

iPad Smart Cover: This is What It Looks Like

On top of announcing the iPad 2, Apple also introduced a new cover for this new device: the smart cover. Made of polyurethane or leather, it automatically align to your iPad screen thanks to a few magnets. But a picture is worth 1,000 words, so watch the video of the Smart Cover in action.

Apple Gives the iPad 2 a Brand New Cover

Just like they did with the first iPad, Apple is now coming up with a new case/cover concept for the iPad 2. Steve says it's not a case, it's more of a cover. It's heard to tell exactly how it's going to look and feel but looking at pictures of, it looks like a nice way to protect your device.

A few magnets grasp and auto-align the cover on your iPad screen. It's like a flap that covers the front of the device. It automatically wakes the iPad when you open it, and puts it to sleep when it closes it.

Best of all, it comes with microfiber lining that cleans the screen for you. Brilliant!

10 different colors will be available: 5 in poly, 5 in leather. Poly will sell for $39 and leather covers will sell for $69.