Who Knew Bernie Madoff’s Pants Would Make Great iPad Covers?

Things have taken a rather turn for the strange here at iDownloadBlog today, with news coming from the New York Post of a swanky new iPad cover being made available.

The new cover, offered for sale by Frederick James, are apparently fashioned out of the pants (that’s trousers, for us Brits) of one Bernie Madoff

Madoff, the former stock broker and Ponzi schemer’s belongings were auctioned off by the U.S. Marshall earlier this year, and Frederick James founder┬áJohn Vaccaro snapped them up. Madoff won’t be needing them anyway, what with his 150-year jail term and all.

What do you do with Madoff’s┬áJ.Crew, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren Polo pants? Make them into iPad covers, of course!

Vaccaro was quick to point out that thee covers don’t provide much protection, however, saying simply “If you drop it, it’s going to crack.”

I’ll put the credit card away, then!