Who Knew Bernie Madoff’s Pants Would Make Great iPad Covers?

Things have taken a rather turn for the strange here at iDownloadBlog today, with news coming from the New York Post of a swanky new iPad cover being made available.

The new cover, offered for sale by Frederick James, are apparently fashioned out of the pants (that's trousers, for us Brits) of one Bernie Madoff...

iPhone Falls From Airplane, Still Works

Ron Walker is a Jump Master in the US Army. Basically, his job is to make sure army parachutist are ok to jump. During one of his missions, his iPhone 4 sneaked out of his pocket, and fell 1,000 feet down. At that time, he was resigned to buy a new iPhone later.

When he landed, some of his coworkers advised him to try to track his iPhone with Find My iPhone. Seconds later, his iPhone was localized, a couple miles away from where he was...

Use Your iPad as a Fridge Magnet

I saw a similar photo online yesterday so I decided to try it to see if it actually worked... and it does! This all works thanks to the 21 magnets that are in the Smart Cover. I tried to pull a little bit on the iPad to make sure it was not going anywhere and you can really tell it's relatively safe. The magnets are strong enough that your iPad is not going to slide down. Likewise, the magnets that hold the Smart Cover to the iPad are pretty strong too.

Somewhat useless but fun to try.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Stun Gun

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Thanks to a little add-on called the Stun Fone, you can now turn your iPhone into a stun gun. How real is this? I have no idea, but to be honest with you, I don't have much faith in the trustworthiness of it.

I came across the Stun Fone via TUAW, and these peeps are on the fence too.

The Stun Fone sells for $25 on their "official website", which is currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of traffic.

Real or fake?

This is What Heat Will Do to Your iPhone

Last week while at Blog World Expo in Vegas I met comedian and film maker Mark Malkoff. We were chitchatting when he picked up his iPhone, made a quick call and put the phone on the table. I looked at it and couldn't help saying "damn, what happened to your iPhone?"

Mark said he had actually done nothing special and that his screen had cracked apparently because it was too hot. Mark lives in NY and I know it can be very hot sometimes there, but heck, that was the first time I saw an iPhone screen cracking because it was too hot outside...

iPhone Sent Into Space Records Amazing Video

This one falls in the "very unusual stuff an iPhone can do" category. A father and his son decided to take on the project of sending an iPhone at 100,000 feet above our heads using a weather balloon while recording the whole thing.

The helium filled balloon went 19 miles high and finally burst before making a 150 mph descent back on earth, where it landed 30 miles a way from the launch point. This is a 7 minute video of the whole 90 minute flight...