This is What Heat Will Do to Your iPhone

Last week while at Blog World Expo in Vegas I met comedian and film maker Mark Malkoff. We were chitchatting when he picked up his iPhone, made a quick call and put the phone on the table. I looked at it and couldn’t help saying “damn, what happened to your iPhone?”

Mark said he had actually done nothing special and that his screen had cracked apparently because it was too hot. Mark lives in NY and I know it can be very hot sometimes there, but heck, that was the first time I saw an iPhone screen cracking because it was too hot outside…

I was very surprised. I could understand the screen cracking if you leave the phone in a car on a parking lot in the middle of the desert, but this is another story. Mark said a guy at the Apple Store had told him this wasn’t unusual.

Have you ever seen that before under normal conditions?