Incipio Lexington folio gives professional flare to your iPad Air

Incipio Lexington Folio

iPad Air cases abound, as is expected with any Apple product. Flooded markets of parts, pieces, cases, and accessories define the smart device realm. Incipio being a standard in the Apple accessory market is always quick to offer several solutions for all devices. Today, we take a closer look at the Lexington hard shell folio case. The Lexington is a rigid case that will keep you protected just about anywhere, but still look classy in the office. The rigid Plextonium back offers necessary support, but keeps things minimal and crisp.

The Plextonium rear casing is covered with a vegan leather (read “faux leather”) inlay, giving it an extra business-esque appeal. The front folding cover is also made of vegan leather and the inside is a suede microfiber lining to protect and clean the iPad’s screen.

Incipio Lexington pink

The cover also has a folding hinge, which can be seen in the above images. Depending on how the closure tab is locked into place, you can utilize the iPad at multiple viewing angles. One, seen in the first image, is great for viewing the screen for movies or reading documents. Second, the lower angle is best utilized for typing. In the image below, you can see the closure tab locks into the loop, providing the multi-angled locking positions.

Incipio Lexington Blue

Incipio is great at making cases. I have owned many across the years as a reviewer. One thing is always consistent with Incipio cases, their basic models are simple and straightforward. The Lexington case is one of the products. It is not overly fussy with zippers, or buttons, locks, or twisting enclosures.

However, my biggest complaint with the Lexington is the swinging style front cover. Because the connection point, as seen in the blue image case immediately above, is designed to hold the device open at a typing angle, it gives a little extra play. Therefore, if you are simply opening the folding cover back on itself, it tends to hang out one side or the other. Meaning, you cannot simply fold it back on itself and have the cover fit squarely behind the iPad.

At $24.73 via Amazon, it is a good deal. Something with professional flair and a trusted name is worth the price of admission. Admittedly though, I would not pay the asking retail price of $40.