Twelve South launches SurfacePad for the iPad Mini

surfacepad 1

Mac and iOS device accessory maker Twelve South launched its popular SurfacePad for the iPad mini today. The cover, which hit the market last spring for the iPhone 5, is made up of high-quality Napa leather and doubles as both a stand and typing wedge.

But what sets the SurfacePad apart from other covers and cases is that it uses an adhesive backing to attach to the device, rather than trying to fit around the device, which helps cut down on thickness. The cover comes in at just 0.1 inches (or 3.0 mm) thick…

From the Twelve South website:

“SurfacePad for iPad mini is a luxury leather cover, hands-free, multi-angle viewing stand and typing wedge rolled into an impressively-thin shield for iPad. Made from premium leather, the smooth SurfacePad covers both sides of your iPad without disguising the fact that you’re using the best tablet ever. The hardback front cover is lined with soft felt to protect your iPad screen. Oh so modern and innovative, this is the case you’ve been looking for.

SurfacePad is a minimal case that covers, but doesn’t hide your iPad. Even closed, this slim cover displays the beautiful chamfered edge of iPad. Fold back the SurfacePad cover and you are literally holding iPad in your hand, not a bulky case. A special adhesive holds the mod cover in place. If you take iPad scuba diving and need a waterproof case, peel off SurfacePad and reapply it when back on dry land. SurfacePad leaves no sticky residue or marks behind, just a clean, like new iPad surface.”

The SurfacePad for iPad mini also features hidden magnets built into the inside of the cover. This allows it to be propped up into two separate positions for both viewing and typing, and enables the SurfacePad to activate the tablet’s built-in sleep/wake function.


SurfacePad for iPad mini supports both the original and Retina display models (the company says that it is also working on an iPad Air version), and is available in Pop Red, Mod White, and Jet Black. It can be purchased from the Twelve South website for $69.99.

You can also get the SurfacePad for iPhone and MacBook from Amazon.