How to easily change your Apple Music playlists cover art

iPhone Apple Music Playlist Change Cover Art

When you create a playlist with Apple Music, the cover art of the albums for your first four selected songs pop in as your playlist cover by default. If you would prefer to have a different image, you can change it.

Here’s how to easily change your Apple Music playlist cover art.

Change the cover art on iPhone

Open up your Music app and navigate to the playlist you want to change. Then, follow these simple steps.

1) Tap the Edit button on the top right of the playlist screen.

2) Tap on the current cover image.

3) Choose from either Take Photo or Choose Photo.

4) Select your photo and when it displays on your playlist, tap Done on the top right.

Apple Music Playlist Cover Art Change iPhone

Change the covert art on Mac

Open Music on your Mac and head to the playlist that you want to adjust. Then, do the following.

1) Click the current cover art image.

2) Choose from Defaults, Recents, or Other and select your image.

Change Cover Art Music Mac - Updated

3) Optionally, click the Edit button to make the image larger or smaller.

4) Click Done.


Wrapping it up

Aside from popping one of your favorite images onto your playlist because you like it, you can also use these images to identify your playlists quicker. This is super handy if you have multiple playlists set up for workouts, relaxation, parties, or work.

Are you going to change your Apple Music playlist cover art? Or, is that something that you’re happy leaving as the default?