SongShift easily transfers your Spotify playlists to Apple Music

SongShift import Spotify playlists to Apple Music Review

If you’re a Spotify user, or were, and are now deciding to make the move over to Apple Music, then you might want a quick and easy way to transfer your playlists from Spotify over to Apple Music.

A new app called SongShift now available in the App Store gives you the ability to import your Spotify music playlists right on over to Apple Music in a matter of moments.

It antiquates those desktop software apps that would typically take forever to complete the process and also require a tethered computer connection to work, and in this review, we’ll walk you through how the SongShift app works.

Importing Spotify playlists to Apple Music with SongShift

The process of manually re-creating your long music playlists after choosing to migrate to Apple Music from Spotify can leave you with tons of wasted time. That’s why a clever iOS developer came up with an app called SongShift that automates the whole process for you right from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

There is a caveat – you must have an active Apple Music subscription and iCloud Music Library must be enabled from your iOS device’s Settings app via Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library for the app to work.

After downloading it from the App Store for free, you can begin the process immediately by following these simple steps:

1) Launch the app from your Home screen, and click on the green Begin Import button.

SongShift import Spotify playlists to Apple Music Review

2) Tap on the Sign In button to continue with the SongShift experience.

SongShift Sign In

3) You will be prompted to log in to your Spotify account, so go ahead and do so to give the SongShift app access to your playlist(s).

SongShift Import Spotify Tracks to Apple Music 1

4) Tap on the Spotify playlist from your playlist list that you wish to import to Apple Music, and then from the option sheet that appears, choose whether you want to import the playlist to your Apple Music library or to a specific Apple Music playlist.

Note: Importing to your library may be more convenient. If you wish to important to existing playlists in the Apple Music app, you’ll first need to create those playlists in the Apple Music app so SongShift knows where to put them.

5) The app will begin importing your playlist information to Apple Music.

SongShift Spotify to Apple Music Conversion

And after the app completes, that’s all there is to it!

Repeat the steps above for every playlist that you wish to import to your Apple Music app, and you can begin enjoying all the same tracks in Apple Music that you once enjoyed in Spotify.

My thoughts on SongShift

I think SongShift is a great solution to those wanting to switch from Spotify to Apple Music without spending the time to re-create their lengthy playlists manually.

What’s more is I find it wonderful that the app can either add all your playlists to your Apple Music library, or can create new playlists in Apple Music that mirror your playlists from Spotify. Just keep in mind, you’ll have to make empty playlists in Apple Music first that the app will transfer music to for you.

Obviously, not all streaming services are the same, and if Spotify has a song that Apple Music does not, then it won’t be able to transfer, and this is understandable.

SongShift does include two in-app purchases – one of them unlocks the Pro version of the app, and the other removes the ads from the app. Removing the ads is $0.99 and unlocking the Pro version of the app is $1.99.

The free version of the app will suffice for most users, although if you have any playlists with more than 100 songs in them, you’ll need to purchase the Pro version of the app to complete the import of those playlists. Nevertheless, you can still use the free version of the app if you want to.

If you were switching from Spotify over to Apple Music, I would highly suggest this app!


SongShift is a great app that lets you import your Spotify playlists to Apple Music directly from your iOS 9.3 or later device without using desktop software. If you’re interested in giving it a try for your migration, you can head over to the App Store and download it for free.

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What are your thoughts on SongShift? Would you use it to import your Spotify playlists to Apple Music? Share below!