Apple Car

Apple Car now meant to be fully autonomous with debut planned for as early as 2025

What, exactly, is the Apple Car? Is it an actual vehicle that consumers will be able to buy one day? Was it that, at some point, but has ultimately transformed into something else -- like a fleet of autonomous vehicles meant to ferry employees? Or is it a fully autonomous, consumer-focused vehicle meant to get you and your family to where you need to go? None of these? Who knows!

Apple Car battery talks have reportedly stalled in China

Since all we have to work with is the rumor mill and the stories that come out of it, it sure does seem like nothing about developing the Apple Car has been easy for Apple. We already know the project has been in development for years, which in itself is not a red flag (most projects of any size take years to develop). But we also know that it has changed quite a bit over time, too, with Apple at point even considering not launching a physical car at all, and focusing solely on software inside. But, as of right now, it appears that Apple is still planning to launch an actual consumer-ready automobile at some point, even as the speed bumps keep lining up.