Apple adds two former Mercedes engineers to the Special Projects Group, likely for the Apple Car

There was a time, not so long ago, where the rumor mill was dedicated to doling out information regarding Project Titan. Not all of it was good news. However, the general consensus at the time was Apple hadn’t given up on its Apple Car. And here we are with yet another sign that’s the case.

As first reported today by¬†MacRumors, Apple has brought on a pair of engineers to join the company’s Special Projects Group. Both of these engineers have previously worked with the auto manufacturer Mercedes, which leans into speculation that they are meant to join the Project Titan team.

The original report says Dr. Anton Uselmann is the “leading new hire,” and up until August of this year worked for Mercedes as a development engineer for the company’s steering systems. Now, at Apple, which he joined in September of this year, he’s a product design engineer. Dr. Uselmann has also worked at Porsche in the past.

The original report notes that a “second engineer who previously worked at Mercedes” has also joined Apple’s ranks recently as well.

As it stands right now, there isn’t much known about Project Titan or the Apple Car. It has remained one of Apple’s most secretive endeavors to date, and, surprisingly, not a lot has leaked out. We did just report recently that Apple has gone around to suppliers to secure production components for a start in 2024 for the Apple Car. Before that, we heard that Apple’s VP of Technology, Kevin Lynch –most widely known for working on the Apple Watch– had joined the Project Titan team as well.

So while we don’t know a lot, the rumors and the reports refuse to die down. So, all eyes are on the future where there is a real possibility we get to see a working automobile with Apple’s logo on it.

The question, though, is: will that Apple logo glow?