Apple’s VP of technology Kevin Lynch has reportedly joined the Apple Car team

Kevin Lynch is Vice President of Technology at Apple, a major role that has been mostly tied to the Apple Watch. Over the course of many years, Lynch has spearheaded many of the health-related elements of the Apple Watch, and, even demonstrated them on stage at WWDC. But now his attention will reportedly be turned to another Apple-branded product.

According to a report today from Insider, Lynch has been transported over to the Apple Car team. Interestingly, VP of Technology will continue to be Lynch’s title at Apple, even with the transition to the new team. He’ll be answering directly to John Giannandrea, who took over the leadership role for Project Titan some time back.

However, the report indicates that while there are still some questions regarding Lynch’s day-to-day tasks, he will be stepping away from the health-focused elements of the Apple Watch. In his place, Evan Doll, Apple’s Director of Health Software Engineering, will be stepping in, tasked with handling Lynch’s previous responsibilities.

Per the report:

Lynch will be stepping back from Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams’ health staff, a team of health VPs that includes Dr. Sumbul Desai, head of care delivery and regulatory, Myra Haggerty, who leads algorithms, Eugene Kim, head of watch hardware, and other critical drivers of the health strategy.

Evan Doll, a director of health software engineering, will replace Lynch on the staff, one of the people said. While Doll will continue to report to Lynch, Lynch’s absence on that team, home to the organizaton’s decisionmakers, means he’ll be less tangibly involved in health strategy, two of the people said.

Apple has seen a lot of shifting when it comes to managers within the Apple Car project for quite some time. For better and worse. With Lynch joining the team, though, it certainly sounds like things are moving ahead at a nice clip. It doesn’t seem like Apple would pull Lynch from what he’s been working on, and excelling at, for so many years with the Apple Watch on a product they don’t have any faith in.

Recently, we heard that Apple is considering manufacturing Apple Car batteries in the United States, sourcing parts from Taiwanese companies.