Airplane Mode

EasyAirplaneDisabler fixes Apple’s antiquated Airplane Mode prompt

As a frequent user of Airplane Mode on my iPhone, I can truthfully say that Apple’s prompt reminding me to disable Airplane Mode before I can access data is a blatant disappointment. With nothing more than a button shortcut to the Settings app and a cancel button to exit the prompt, it makes the process of disabling Airplane Mode rather cumbersome.

Because of this, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called EasyAirplaneDisabler by iOS developer AnthoPak seems like it would be a no-brainer for any Airplane Mode user. As depicted in the screenshot examples above, EasyAirplaneDisabler replaces the Settings app shortcut button on the left side of the native prompt with a literal Turn Off button.

SignalPlane intelligently utilizes Airplane Mode at times of low signal to save battery

As you move closer to or farther away from an internet access point, whether it’s over cellular or Wi-Fi, your handset’s signal level adjusts to reflect your distance from said access point. But did you know that a weak internet signal causes your iPhone or iPad to work harder to maintain that signal?

Many don’t realize it, but the circumstances described above can have an adverse impact on your handset’s battery life. On the other hand, a new free jailbreak tweak called SignalPlane by iOS developer Julio Verne can help counteract these adverse effects with a clever Airplane Mode-centric implementation.

Some iPhone 7 units not regaining mobile service after exiting Airplane Mode, Apple investigating

An unknown number of users are reporting that their brand spanking new iPhone 7 is struggling to regain mobile service after Airplane Mode has been cancelled. According to internal documents, the company is aware of and investigating the issue.

Apple's reportedly advised authorized service providers to instruct customers to restart the affected devices and, if service persists, remove and re-insert the device's SIM card.

Airplane Enhancer+ takes iPhone battery preservation to the extreme

Airplane Mode is a feature built into your iOS devices that makes your devices airplane friendly by disabling all the wireless radios that could be a nuisance to on-board plane equipment, but it can also be used to increase your battery life.

Since the wireless radios are put to rest when your device's Airplane Mode option is enabled, you'll burn through less battery on a single charge with the feature turned on, and this is basically the idea behind a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Airplane Enhancer+.

With this time-saving shortcut, you can quickly set some Mac display options

In addition to adjusting the screen resolution and choosing between the available display modes on your Mac, the macOS System Preferences application gives you additional display options to play with.

If you use display zoom, a great feature for people with less than perfect eyesight who find themselves squinting at the screen all the time, or you want to quickly access common features related to making items on the screen easier to see and the display easier to read, use the following time-saving shortcut to quickly adjust these options.

How to toggle Airplane mode on Apple Watch

Airplane mode disables all of the Apple Watch radios, which is handy when you want to disconnect from all devices, or when you're flying and are requested to do so by an airline. There are several ways to enable Airplane mode on Apple Watch, as we show you in this continuation of our Apple Watch Guide series.

FAA greenlights use of gadgets during nearly all phases of flight

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finally relaxed its restrictions on the use of personal electronics devices (PED) such as iPhones and iPads on commercial flights. Going forward, the FAA will allow airlines to expand use of personal electronics during nearly all phases of flight, and is immediately providing the airlines with implementation guidance.

Although the FAA has finally determined that smartphones and tablets have a minimal impact on the airplane's electronic systems, pilots of course are barred from using gadgets for personal reasons at any time during aircraft operations.

Advisory committee asks FAA to relax restrictions on electronic device use

Good news frequent flyers, you may soon not have to worry about turning off your iPhone or iPad in airplanes anymore. The FAA advisory committee has recommended that electronic device restrictions on commercial aircraft be relaxed.

The special council, which was assigned to explore the effects of in-flight device usage, has met with the Federal Aviation Administration and is urging it to allow passengers to to use tablets and other electronics during takeoff and landing...

FAA rules set to change, may allow iPad and other tablet use pre-flight

Good news air travelers, you may soon have to quit pretending to turn your iPads and other electronics devices off before takeoff. According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the FAA is expected to relax the ban on using some types of personal electronic devices at low altitudes.

Devices like iPads, e-readers and other tablets may see the rules relaxed to the point where they are usable throughout your entire flight—from takeoff to landing. However, cell phones, and more specifically cell phone calls, are expected to remain off limits due to the scope of the changes...