ColorCalculator lets you modify the color scheme of the Calculator app

The Calculator app on the iPhone has always had the same orange color scheme for as long as I can remember, but with a new free jailbreak tweak called ColorCalculator, you can tint the app any color you’d like.

With a number of pre-set colors to choose from, ColorCalculator is easy to use and can help you get whatever color scheme you might be going for.

Know the Calculator app in iOS 10

Apple’s Calculator app is one of those stock offerings largely flying under the radar for its soberness. It is somewhat overlooked, but then again can be a lifesaver at times. For those who need to crunch numbers on a more regular basis it is presumably nothing but an emergency fill-in, when for the rest of us it definitely more than cuts the mustard for everyday computations.

On the back of such a broad user base with varying skill sets, it goes without saying that there is a large discrepancy in expertise and knowledge about the calculator app itself.

The fact you can still elicit the occasional gasp from an unknowing iPhone user, just by rotating the interface to landscape mode says a lot about the relevance of calculator to many. Yes, it is mostly a plain calculator representation, but Apple did implement more knacks than first meet the eye. Novice or professional, if you are keen to boost your productivity in calculator, continue reading to find out if you are up to speed on the following tricks:

Mimic iOS 9.3’s new Calculator app Quick Action with this tweak

iOS 9.3 beta includes a new Quick Action feature for the Calculator app, allowing those with a 3D Touch display to press firmly on the Calculator app icon to reveal a new option: Copy Last Result.

Fortunately, those with a jailbroken device on iOS 9.0-9.0.2 don’t have to upgrade to iOS 9.3 beta to get this feature. A new free jailbreak tweak called CalculatorCopy is now available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository that will bring this feature to older iOS 9 installations.

How to quickly delete digits in Calculator app

I use Apple’s stock Calculator app all the time, whether for calculating tips, computing percentages or running complex math in landscape mode—in spite of having a dozen or so third-party calculator apps installed on my iPhone.

I just prefer the convenience of quickly launching the Calculator app via the Control Center without even needing to unlock my iPhone. The problem is, the app doesn’t have a delete button. So what do you do if you’ve typed a wrong digit?

‘Oh, I can just start over,’ I hear you say. That always work, of course. But as it turns out, Apple’s engineers thought of that after all and did provide a neat shortcut to quickly delete a single digit.

Google releases Ivy, an experimental big number calculator for iPhone and iPad

Google on Friday released a brand new iOS application in the App Store. Called Ivy and available free of charge, the app is being described as an experimental big number calculator for the iPhone and iPad.

Dedicated calculator apps are a dime a dozen these days so what’s so special about Ivy, you might ask?

According to Google, Ivy takes advantage of what’s referred to as exact rational arithmetic, basically a precision math technique which lets the app handle arbitrary precision with ease.

PCalc for Apple Watch released with Glance, Send to iPhone, tip calc, RPN support and more

Thanks to independent iOS and Mac developer James Thomson, you can now wear PCalc on your $400+ Apple Watch. The award-winning $9.99 calculator app for the iPhone and iPad was updated today with WatchKit support.

The app is very nicely done and feels native. It puts the full calculator with RPN Support on your wrist, along with a Glance to see the result of your most recent calculations from your watch face, a tip calculator and other goodies.

Calcbot 2 launches as a freemium app with all-new look and new features

Tweetbot developer Tapbots has released Calcbot 2 in the App Store. The intelligent calculator app is now completely free for everyone, has no ads whatsoever and, among other perks, has been revamped from the ground up for iOS 8.

The refresh software brings out a brand new favorites system which replaces the somewhat confusing memory keys, includes an iCloud-sync’d history in portrait mode alongside the calculator and other perks.

Calcbot by Tweetbot creators leaps onto the Mac

Developer Tapbots has made a name for itself with an excellent Twitter client for the Mac and iOS, Tweetbot. They have other apps in their portfolio, too, and on Thursday released a nicely done Mac edition of Calcbot, an intelligent calculator and unit converter that made its iOS debut in July of 2010.

Despite a somewhat steep asking price, keep in mind that Calcbot combines a compelling calculator and a powerful unit converter into a single, beautifully designed experience.

Calcbot is a $4.99 download from the Mac App Store.