3D Touch

Manila lets you use 3D Touch or Haptic Touch to launch apps in folders

If your iPhone’s Home screen is chock-full of application icons, then you might use folders to help you organize them. On the other hand, having too many folders can quickly create the illusion of an application labyrinth that makes navigating your Home screen more confusing than it’s worth.

Those familiar with the circumstances described above just might take a liking to Manila, a new and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer David Goldman that lets you launch apps from your folders with a Haptic Touch or 3D Touch gesture.

Re-enable your iPhone’s 3D Touch hardware in iOS 13 with Sunflower

One of the most controversial changes in iOS 13 was the removal of 3D Touch functionality in place of a new feature Apple calls ‘Haptic Touch.’ While this might’ve made sense for handsets that lack 3D Touch-equipped displays, Apple purposefully disabled this hardware with the release of iOS 13 such that even devices with 3D Touch-equipped displays would utilize Haptic Touch instead.

If you were among those disappointed by Apple’s decision to nix 3D Touch, then you’ll be happy to know that a newly released jailbreak tweak for iOS 13 dubbed Sunflower by iOS developer LaughingQuoll can help you get your precious pressure-based 3D Touch gestures back.

Enable Peek and Pop on unsupported devices with Peekable

One of the most popular functions conceived by Apple’s 3D Touch and Haptic Touch gestures on modern iOS devices is the ability to press firmly on an app icon from your Home screen to reveal a hidden menu, but there’s actually much more to this feature than meets the eye.

Peek and Pop is a great example, as it enables users to press firmly on objects throughout the operating system to view more information and options for that item. Peek and Pop is limited to devices that support 3D Touch or Haptic Touch, but with a new and free jailbreak tweak called Peekable by iOS developer Ryan Nair, you can enable Peek and Pop on any iOS device.

This tweak puts an iOS 13-like ‘Rearrange Apps’ button in your 3D Touch menus

In case you didn’t already know, iOS 13 brings a new ‘Rearrange Apps’ option to those 3D Touch/Haptic Touch Home screen menus that we all know and love. Fortunately, those with jailbreaks can already enjoy this feature ahead of the official iOS 13 release.

Edit3d is a newly released and cleverly named jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Wh0ba that ports a similar feature to the native 3D Touch/Haptic Touch Home screen menus on jailbroken iOS 11 and 12 devices.

Add useful new options to your Home screen’s 3D Touch menus with 3DTools

Whether you have a handset that already supports 3D Touch or Haptic Touch out of the box or you’re using a jailbreak tweak to simulate similar features on an unsupported handset, chances are you’ve used the Home screen-centric app icon menus at least once in your travels.

This interface is somewhat lacking on a bone-stock handset, but with the help of a newly released tweak called 3DTools by iOS developer smokin1337, you can add several useful new items to these menus that promise to augment your Home screen usage exponentially.

Taille lets you see how much storage space an app is using via 3D Touch

You can determine the amount of storage space that any of your iPhone’s apps are occupying by visiting General > iPhone Storage in the Settings app. Fortunately for those with jailbreaks, there’s an easier way.

Enter Taille, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer MTAC that permits users to ascertain the storage occupancy of any installed app by using a simple 3D Touch (or Haptic Touch where applicable) gesture on its respective Home screen icon.

Storage3D: View your iPhone’s remaining storage space with a 3D Touch gesture

Every so often, I happen upon new jailbreak tweak releases that incorporate ‘no-brainer’ functionality into iOS, and this prompts me to wonder why the software design team at Apple hasn’t implemented similar features into their platform out of the box.

Storage3D by iOS developer Wh0ba is one such release, and as you can discern for yourself in the screenshot example above, this tweak lets you view your handset’s remaining storage space in the 3D Touch menu that appears when you use a 3D or Haptic Touch gesture on the Settings app icon via the Home screen.

Appaze lets you set brightness and volume levels on a per-app basis

If you’ve ever fancied setting custom display brightness and/or speaker volume levels for individual apps before, then it’s your lucky day. A newly-released jailbreak tweak dubbed Appaze by iOS developer AnthoPak lets you do these things with ease.

As shown in the screenshot examples above, Appaze utilizes the Home screen’s native 3D Touch menus to function. Upon pressing firmly on an app icon to reveal its menu, users will find two new additions, including “Set custom brightness” and “Set custom volume” at the top of the list.