Crane lets jailbreakers sign into multiple instances of an app at a time

Very few applications actually allow users to log in with several user accounts at one time – Apollo for Reddit and the official Twitter app are two general exceptions to this rule of thumb, but there are certainly others.

If you wish more apps would allow you to sign in and work with more than one user account at a time, then we think you’ll come to appreciate a newly released jailbreak tweak called Crane by iOS developer opa334. This tweak effectively lets you multiple instances of each app you use, which means that you can have run several containers of an app with different user accounts logged in at a time.

The Discord app is one example of an app that only lets you sign in with one account at a time, and this can be frustrating if you have more than one use case for the Discord app and require more than one account. In the screenshot example above, you’ll see that you can use a 3D Touch or Haptic Touch gesture on the Discord app via the Home Screen to choose from any account instances that you’ve set up for the app.

This, of course, works for any app that you’ve configure several instances for. Configuration is performed via a dedicated preference pane that gets added to the Settings app after installation:

Here, you can:

  • Individually configure Crane for specific applications on your device
    • Create various instances of user accounts
    • Separate keychains
    • Choose the active container
    • Configure names for each container
    • Configure a default container
    • Back up or delete container data
  • Enable or disable application shortcuts
  • Automatically launch the app after selecting a container
  • Inject Crane even when an app is launched in Safe Mode

There’s no question that Crane can be useful in a variety of circumstances, and those who have multiple accounts for many of their applications will find the tweak to be a powerful asset that saves both time and frustration.

Those interested in trying Crane can purchase it for $4.99 via the Havoc repository. Crane supports jailbroken iOS 13 & 14 devices.

Will you be giving Crane a try? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.