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Retro review: Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope title screen

Just a few days ago, one of the best games on the App Store turned 9 years old. I'm talking about the famous and addictive Cut the Rope. A cute puzzle game that was first released for the iPhone back on October 4th, 2010.

These days the game has grown into a franchise, with seven games available for you to play, each filled with a bunch of levels, new mechanics and better graphics. So, with a lot of new games at hand, should you still be playing the original Cut the Rope? Let's see what our experts say (well, me, anyway) in today's retro review.

Arcade review: Tangle Tower

Just last week I was talking about the lack of mystery games on the App Store. And now, thanks to the release of Apple Arcade, we're starting to see more of these types of games. Murder mysteries filled with puzzles, a good story, and a bunch of lies.

This is the case of Tangle Tower, a mystery game where the main murder suspect is a painting. Interesting, right? Well, get ready as we help Detective Grimoire and Sally with the mystery of Freya Fellow's murder.

Retro review: World of Goo

World of Goo is not your regular videogame. Instead of having some overpowered bosses and enemies, you have goo. Instead of complicated controls and gimmicks, you have goo. And instead of having a good story, well, I think you see where I'm going with this. But they do give you a good story.

It may seem like a weird idea at first, but back in the day World of Goo was extremely popular. And it was even nominated for several awards, including an Innovation Design award at the Independent Games Festival.

These are different times, though. Games have evolved and they're more complicated now, even on mobile. So a simple game about Goo is still entertaining? Let's find out in today's retro review.

Arcade review: Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

Everyone loves a good mystery game, but we don't get many of those on the App Store. Sure, there are mystery games for you to play, but they are not the vast majority. Not the good ones, anyway.

That's why I was looking forward to playing Jenny LeClue - Detectivu. A murder mystery literally at my fingertips. And now that we've got the chance to play it, it's time to see if it's the mystery adventure I was waiting for, or if it's just another forgettable game. Fingers crossed.

Retro review: Geometry Dash

When you hear Geometry Dash, you probably remember the nightmares you got from this game. It's probably one of the most frustrating games that have ever been on the iPhone. And yet, you still wanted to play it.

Nowadays, you don't hear about the game as much, which makes sense. Not only it has been out for a little over 6 years now, but it’s got other more recent spin-offs. Now there's an even more popular and frustrating game on the App Store, the infamous Getting Over It. So should you still play Geometry Dash in 2019? Or should you try one of the other games that will cause you the same amount of frustration and emotional pain? Let's find out on today's retro review.

Retro review: Infinity Blade

Do you remember when Epic Games actually made epic games? No, I'm not talking about Fortnite, I'm talking about an objectively good game: Infinity Blade. This game took the world by storm when it first came out in 2010 and it was the first game on iOS to use the Unreal Engine.

This game made over $1.6 million in its first week and $23 million by the end of 2011. Epic Games knows how to make high-grossing games, I'll give them that. Due to its success, it got two sequels and even got two novellas. Now, the game is just a memory that's almost forgotten. I'm saying almost because we're bringing back for today's retro review.

Apple Arcade vs. Google Play Pass

Two things are happening: first, subscription services are becoming more popular. Second, people are playing more on their phones than on consoles and PC. So it was a matter of time before someone would put 2 and 2 together. Well, the time is now, my fellow gamers. Google and Apple are both getting ready to launch their respective game subscription services, Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade.

At its core, both services are similar. However, they do have some differences, other than the platform they're on. If you're like me, and you have both Android and iOS devices, you're probably wondering which one is more advantageous. Well, wonder no more, as we dive into Apple Arcade versus Google Play Pass. We'll cover each subscription service and determine which one is better suited for you.

Retro review: Tiny Wings

Who would've thought a tiny bird who couldn't fly would end up being such a popular mobile game. Keep in mind this was before Flappy Bird. I'm talking about Tiny Wings, a game that released back in 2011 on the App Store. This game was really successful, becoming the highest-grossing game for a couple of weeks after its release.

It has sold over 12 million copies for the iPhone and iPad. What's more impressive is that this game was developed by a single person, Andreas Illiger. Nowadays, Tiny Wings is not getting many updates, and it seems like there won't be more content in the future.

Apparently, the game has been forgotten by its developer, but does that mean we should forget about it too? That's what we'll discuss in today's retro review of Tiny Wings.

What’s your fondest Apple memory?

We all have good memories related to Apple. That's the reason we're attached to a brand or a product. At least, that's what science says. Maybe it's the Apple Watch helping you take better care of yourself, or the first time you FaceTimed your crush. These good memories are what make you want to stay on Apple's side, no matter how many times people say the new iPhone has a kitchen stove on its back.

Retro review: Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride was one of my favorite games for the iPhone back in 2011. It almost feels like it was yesterday when I played it for the first time. Setting nostalgia aside, this game was well-received by players and reviewers. It wasn't a big surprise, though, giving the fact that it was developed by the studio that brought us Fruit Ninja.

Surprisingly, this game is almost a decade old. Now, there are even plans to make it a tabletop game. As impressive as that is, we need to go back and review Jetpack Joyride to see if it's good for today's standards.

Retro review: Badland

Badland might not be the oldest game on the App Store, but it sure is one of the best. This game was originally released in 2013 for Android and iOS platforms. Its success led Badland to become Apple's iPad game of the year in 2013, and since then has been released on other platforms, like consoles and PC.

This game was amazing back then. Now, it may even be overlooked because of its own sequel and a Brawl game that doesn't share many similarities with the original title. So, if you haven't played this game and you are thinking if it's still worth buying it, I'm here to help as we retro review Badland for iPhone and iPad.

Top 5 best Nintendo games on the App Store

Pokémon Go trading

Fun fact: Nintendo was a company that sold Japanese playing cards before it became the gaming company we know now. Clearly, the big N is ready to adapt. Nintendo is actually adapting right now, bringing some of their popular titles to mobile devices, with many more to come, including Mario Kart and a Pokémon game where you play by sleeping.

But if you can't wait to sleep with your pokémon, as weird as that sounds, or to race your friends, you can always try some of the great Nintendo games already available on the App Store. If you don't know where to start, you're in the right place. Today I'll give some of my favorite Nintendo games for your iPhone or iPad.