What’s your fondest Apple memory?

We all have good memories related to Apple. That’s the reason we’re attached to a brand or a product. At least, that’s what science says. Maybe it’s the Apple Watch helping you take better care of yourself, or the first time you FaceTimed your crush. These good memories are what make you want to stay on Apple’s side, no matter how many times people say the new iPhone has a kitchen stove on its back.

I have a few good memories related to Apple. There was a time I had to save all my money so I could buy an iPod Shuffle. I didn’t have a job back then and I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. Plus, I live in Guatemala, which is a beautiful country, but Apple products are more expensive here. But I did learn good ways to make money and how to save it.

My fondest Apple memory has to be the time my sister and I bought the 5th generation iPod touch. This was back in 2012 when I just got my first job in the wonderful world of customer service. I hated it! But it helped me get the money to buy my first iPod touch. Or so I thought.

As I mentioned, things are overpriced where I live. And when I got to the store to buy the iPod touch, I saw I couldn’t afford it. It sucked, and I felt really bad. But I wasn’t going to give up that easily. So I checked my options. Again, I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. So I decided to make a deal with the devil, that is, my sister. Of course, I’m just kidding (love you, sis!).

She said she’d help me if she could use it too. I agreed and we bought it. After that, we spent more time together. Sure, at first it was because both of us wanted to use the iPod touch. But, after a while, we just liked to hang out. Don’t get me wrong, we fought over that little iPod. But we also had some great times together.

We’ve always been close. But we were both working and studying at the time, so having the iPod was the perfect excuse to make some time for each other. We got along better, and our relationship became stronger. And it was all thanks to the iPod touch.

It’s been 7 years now, and I still have the iPod touch. Its home button is broken, it’s really slow and the battery’s not good anymore. But the reason I have it is the same reason I stick with Apple: it’s given me some great memories that go beyond a single product.

Despite all this, I still have to admit: it does look like a stove.

So, that’s my fondest Apple memory. What about you? Do you remember anything worth sharing? If so, leave it in the comments, because I’d like to read it.