How to fix Picture in Picture not working for WhatsApp video calls on iPhone

Just like FaceTime, WhatsApp supports Picture in Picture (PiP) for video calls, allowing you to multitask and use other apps while the video call continues in a small popup window.

However, if PiP is not working for you during WhatsApp video calls, then here are all the solutions to fix it. These tips also apply to WhatsApp (WA) Business app.

WhatsApp video call in Picture in Picture mode on iPhone

How to enter Picture in Picture for WhatsApp video calls

Before looking at the fixes, it’s essential to know how to enter Picture in Picture on WhatsApp:

  1. Make or accept a video call on WhatsApp.
  2. Once the call connects, make sure you are on the video call screen.
  3. Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or press the front Home button to go out of the WhatsApp app.

You will notice that your video call does not pause but continues in a small floating Picture in Picture window.

Three highlighted screenshots showing how to enter Picture in Picture for WhatsApp video call on iPhone


  • You can easily drag and move this PiP window to one of the four screen corners.
  • Double-tap the PiP window to make it bigger or smaller.
  • You can’t enter PiP when you’re on a WhatsApp audio call. It must be a video call.

Fix WhatsApp video calls not working in Picture in Picture

Follow these solutions if you can’t use PiP in WhatsApp on your iOS device.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp app version 23.3.77 introduced Picture in Picture for video calls on iPhone. If your app is on an older version, you won’t be able to use PiP for video calls until you update it:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap your profile picture from the top right.
  2. Pull down the Account screen to refresh it.
  3. Finally, tap Update next to WhatsApp to get its latest version, which supports Picture in Picture.

Note: It would also help if you asked the other party to update their WhatsApp app.

Allow Picture in Picture in iPhone Settings

You must enable automatic PiP for WhatsApp video calls to continue in Picture in Picture mode.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap General > Picture in Picture.
  3. Turn on the switch for Start PiP Automatically.
Start PiP Automatically in iPhone Settings

Once done, you can swipe up or press the Home button from the WhatsApp video call screen to continue the call in Picture in Picture multitasking mode.

Quit and reopen WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app may sometimes face minor glitches, which cause it to work differently than intended. To address this, force quit WhatsApp on your iPhone and open it again. After that, make a new video call, and it should work in PiP when you swipe up or press the Home button.

Restart your iPhone

If you have not turned off and turned on your phone in a long time, then do that now. Usually, when apps or system services don’t work correctly, a quick restart solves the problem.

Update to the latest version of iOS

If you’re still unable to continue WhatsApp video calls in Picture in Picture mode, go to Settings > General > Software Update and install the latest version of iOS.

Turn off WhatsApp Lock

Some people like to lock their WhatsApp chats for increased privacy. If you’re using WhatsApp screen lock and face problems like video calls failing to continue in PiP mode, then try turning off this lock by following these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Scroll down and tap Screen Lock.
  4. Turn off the switch for Require Face ID or Require Touch ID.
Turn off screen lock for WhatsApp on iPhone

Once this is done, force quit and reopen WhatsApp or restart your iPhone. After this, make a video call, and it should work in Picture in Picture mode.

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