15 solutions to fix an iPhone flashlight not working

Fix flashlight not working on iPhone

A non-working flashlight on iPhone can be due to software glitches or serious hardware problems. This guide shows you how to fix your iPhone flashlight issues like it being grayed out or refusing to turn on.

The solutions apply to all iPad models with a backlight and all iPhones, including iPhone 13, 12, 11, XR, 7, etc.

How to fix keyboard not working on iPhone or iPad

Solutions to fix iPhone keyboard not working

Apple certainly helped jumpstart the adoption of capacitive touchscreen phones, and one highlight of all iPhones and iPads is their full virtual keyboards. Your experience is crippled if this essential feature is not working.

This tutorial shows you how to fix issues related to the virtual keyboard on iPhone and iPad, including lag, not showing up at all, failing to register keystrokes, or being generally unresponsive.

12 solutions to fix autocorrect not working on iPhone or iPad

Solutions to fix auto-correct not working on iPhone

Auto-correct or auto-correction automatically corrects the words you misspell while typing. It's a handy feature that ensures your typing is spell-checked and error-free. However, sometimes it can get flaky.

If auto-correct is not working accurately on your iPhone or iPad or not working at all, the following solutions will fix the issue.

How to fix shortcuts not working on iPhone

Shortcuts app on iPhone

Shortcuts, also called iOS shortcuts or Siri shortcuts, simplify tasks and even perform ones that your iPhone doesn't have a built-in app for, like converting images or downloading Twitter videos.

Follow these solutions if a specific shortcut or all shortcuts do not work on your iPhone or iPad.

How to fix iPhone Personal Hotspot not working on Mac

Fix Personal Hotspot broken between iPhone and Mac

Your iPhone's Personal Hotspot is readily available on your Mac. However, at times, iPhone hotspot may not work on Mac or even show up on the Wi-Fi screen.

If you cannot connect your Mac or other devices to your iPhone or cellular iPad's Personal Hotspot, this guide will help fix the problem.