14 reasons to buy an Apple Watch if you have an iPhone

This article explores some practical reasons why you may want to buy an Apple Watch if you’re an iPhone user. Go through the list and see if you’re convinced to get Apple’s smartwatch if you haven’t yet!

iPhone 14 Pro and Apple Watch kept together with their screens on

Note: This article mentions the best features of the Apple Watch. A few of them may not be available on all Apple Watch models.

1. The perfect companion for runs, walks, and fitness

Running, walking, or focusing on your exercise is not always convenient with a phone in your pocket. However Apple Watch can track your steps, distance, heartbeat, calories burnt, and so much more while you focus on the actual fitness activities.

The excellent water and dust-resistant capabilities also make the Apple Watch ideal for swimming, diving, surfing, sweaty exercises, etc.

Workout app on Apple Watch

2. Useful health features

Stay active: Your Apple Watch can nudge you periodically to stand and take a walk or breathe and focus for a couple of minutes. These little features can help improve your overall physical and mental health.

Heart rate: Your Apple Watch can measure your heart rate, keep a record, and inform you if it notices any abnormality such as high or low heart rate.

Blood oxygen: Apple Watch sensors can measure your blood oxygen levels which is an important indicator of your overall wellness.

ECG: Apple Watch can also generate an ECG (electrocardiogram) report from your wrist, which can be shared with your doctors, helping them better understand your health conditions.

Temperature sensors: The temperature sensors on Series 8 and later can help Cycle Tracking, which can prove helpful for family planning.

Heart rate, ECG, Blood oxygen on Apple Watch

3. Get alerts when your iPhone isn’t nearby

Whether you’re in a meeting where it isn’t possible to see your iPhone or a place where it would be rude to use it, your Apple Watch can still show you notifications, and you can even reply straight from it.

Besides notifications, you can receive and make calls when you’re away from your iPhone (but within its Bluetooth range). And if you have a cellular Apple Watch or an Apple Watch Ultra, you can make phone calls, text, or stream music even when your iPhone is not nearby.

4. Useful safety features

Call family and emergency services if you fall down: If you suffer a hard fall, your watch can immediately call your emergency contacts and local emergency services.

Quickly use emergency SOS: If you ever get into a dangerous situation where you can’t reach for your iPhone, you can use the Emergency SOS feature on your Apple Watch to call your emergency contacts and get help from emergency services.

Emergency and hard fall alert on Apple Watch

5. Unlock your iPhone when you’re wearing a mask

If you wear a mask and have an older iPhone, your Apple Watch can authenticate and unlock your iPhone without you having to enter the passcode manually.

6. Listen to music and podcasts anywhere

You can download music and podcasts on your Apple Watch and listen to them even when you’re away from your iPhone or the internet. All you need is your watch and any Bluetooth earphone like AirPods.

Music and Podcasts app on Apple Watch

7. Use your Apple Watch for Apple Pay and travel tickets

You can use Apple Pay on your watch by simply holding it near the contactless payment reader. Similarly, you can store your tickets or travel pass on your Apple Watch in supported cities and use it for public transport like trains, metro/subways, and buses.

8. Apple Watch can save iPhone’s battery

Every time you pick up your iPhone to see the time or glance at a notification, it consumes a bit of battery. Multiply this action by a few dozen times, and we are looking at a significant battery drain. However, if you have an Apple Watch, you can know the time and see notifications on it instead of your iPhone, thus helping conserve battery for more important tasks.

9. A great alarm that doesn’t disturb your partner

The alarm on Apple Watch is fantastic! It will vibrate to nudge your wrist and play a soft sound to wake you up. This is super helpful if you’re an early bird who doesn’t want to wake your partner by using the loud alarm on your iPhone or a dedicated alarm clock.

Alarm ringing on Apple Watch

10. Apple Watch as your iPhone camera or media remote

You can use your Apple Watch as your iPhone’s remote camera shutter.

Besides that, you can also control music playback on your iPhone using your Apple Watch with the help of the Now Playing app.

Control iPhone camera and music using Apple Watch

11. Handy voice recorder on your wrist

I love my iPhone’s Voice Memos app, and having the same app on my watch is very practical. For example, if I visit a doctor, I start voice recording on my Apple Watch so I can carefully listen again to what the doctor said later when I’m home.

12. Quick actions in just one tap

You can access the camera and flashlight from iPhone Lock Screen. Plus, having Lock Screen widgets can also help open certain apps quickly.

Still, I feel that Apple Watch is better for a few things, like quickly launching the Voice Memos app. This is made possible by adding the Voice Memos app complication to my Apple Watch face. After this, I can open and start voice recording in just two taps! There is no need to unlock my iPhone, find the app, and then start the recording!

Voice Memos app on Apple Watch

13. Apple Watch can do a few things better than iPhone

Your iPhone can track steps, how many stairs you climbed, and even your sleep. But Apple Watch being a dedicated device, often does these things better. Like, its sleep tracking will be more accurate than your iPhone.

And, of course, you can’t forget the heartbeat, blood oxygen, temperature, and other sensors that are absent on iPhones.

14. Up your fashion quotient

The process to replace the watch band is super easy, and you can get official or third-party watch bands for your Apple Watch to match your clothes.

Additionally, you can also customize the watch face with numerous options to match your dress or the band! In fact, every time I buy a shirt or sweater, I add a new watch face that complements my clothes. It’s a nice little way to stay on fleek.

Different watch faces on light background

Are you convinced?

These are some of the top reasons why you may want to get an Apple Watch. Undoubtedly, its average battery life is a concern that will force you to charge it almost every night. But all things considered, Apple Watch does nearly everything better than the competition, making it the most popular smartwatch on the planet!

If you’re thinking about getting a smartwatch and already have an iPhone, then there is no better alternative than Apple Watch.

That said, if you don’t have an iPhone, Apple Watch isn’t for you, as you can’t even set it up with an Android phone, iPad, Mac, or anything else! If you’re an Android user, please look for the Galaxy smartwatch from Samsung, Google Pixel Watch, or other third-party watches that are found in abundance on all online marketplaces.

Let us know what you think. Do you have plans to buy an Apple Watch? Or, do you already use one, in which case, please share what you believe is a compelling reason to buy an Apple Watch.