Breathe: Apple’s new Watch app to encourage breathing exercises

Apple Watch watchOS 3 Breathe

Apple on Monday at its WWDC 2016 event announced a new app for Apple Watch that will come pre-installed on watchOS 3 called Breathe, which offers a new perspective on health.

Setting itself apart from the typical fitness aspects of health, Breathe will be oriented around breathing exercises.

Breathe is an app that works to improve your health by taking you through 1-5 minute breathing exercises throughout the day. It’ll provide notifications that remind you to perform breathing exercises, as it’s an important part of your everyday health that ensures your body is getting enough oxygen.

Apple Watch Breathe

Once you’re provided with a notification to perform a breathing exercise from your Apple Watch, you can either start the exercise, or you can snooze the alert.

If you tap on Start, it walks you through the breathing exercise process in real time, and then the app provides you with heart rate information and breathing information so you can see how the breathing exercise impacts the way your body handles your heart rate while you breathe.

You may opt to snooze the alert when you’re in the middle of doing something, or when you’re not in an environment where a breathing exercise is possible.

While going through the deep breathing process from the Breathe app on your Apple Watch, gentle animations and taps on your wrist will be there to help you focus on your deep breathing.

You can set up Breathe reminders throughout the day and your Apple Watch is going to remind you at your designated times to take a deep breath.

Breathe is only one of the major new health-based features of watchOS 3, besides the Activity Sharing feature, that will launch to the public this Fall for Apple Watch users. Breathe will also come with the watchOS 3 beta 1, which will be seeded today for developers and beta testers to try out for themselves.

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