How to create and use Voice Memos on Apple Watch

Voice Memos

Voice Memos is a handy app that lets you record notes to yourself or the voices of others if you need to. On Apple Watch, there isn’t an easier way to take a note. Plus, those voice recordings sync with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac when you’re using the same Apple ID.

Ready? Have watchOS 6 or later installed? Here’s how to create and use Voice Memos on Apple Watch.

Record Voice Memos

Open the Voice Memos app on your Apple Watch. Tap the red Record button to start recording and tap it once more when you finish to stop recording.

Record Voice Memos on Apple Watch

Work with Voice Memos

It’s easy to work with Voice Memos on Apple Watch too. Open the Voice Memos app, tap a recording, and then do one of the following.

Listen Rename Delete Voice Memos Apple Watch

Listen: Tap the Play button to listen and then pause if needed. Use the circular arrows on each side of the Play button to go back or forward.

Rename: Tap the name of the recording and select Dictation or Scribble to give your Voice Memo a new name.

Delete: Tap the three-dot icon on the bottom right and tap Delete.

Access recordings: You can also view and listen to all of your Voice Memos from other devices or just those on Apple Watch. Use Force Touch and then pick Watch Recordings or All Recordings.

Wrapping it up

Having the Voice Memos app on the Apple Watch just makes sense. It’s the perfect device to record a quick note and then you can access it on your other devices as needed.

What do you think about the Voice Memos app on your Watch? Do you think it’s something you’ll use, or maybe you already have?

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