Shazam releases a Chrome extension to identify songs on the web

The new Shazam Chrome extension enables Mac and Windows users to identify songs playing on their browser, in seconds, using Shazam’s fast music recognition engine.

Apple's promotional image displaying Shazam's Chrome browser extension
Image credit: Shazam


  • Shazam has released an extension for the Chrome browser
  • The new extension lets you easily identify songs playing in Chrome
  • Use it to identify songs playing in Netflix, YouTube and other videos

How to use Shazam to identify songs on the web

To discover which song is currently playing in the Chrome browser, just download and install the free Shazam extension for the Chrome browser from Chrome Web Store.

With the Chrome extension installed and turned on, simply click a new Shazam icon in the browser toolbar to use Shazam’s excellent music recognition engine to identify any songs playing from your browser tab. This also works for songs that are playing in videos.

For instance, you could use Shazam’s browser extension to identify the song playing in that Netflix video you’re currently watching on Chrome. Or, you could identify songs playing in Twitch streams or YouTube videos, on Soundcloud and even in ads.

Apple’s description of the Chrome extensions:

Wondering what song is playing in that Netflix or YouTube video, that Soundcloud mix or in a Twitch streamed video game? Download and install the Shazam browser extension to identify music with the click of a button.

The extension support several features found in the Shazam apps.

What can I do with Shazam’s browser extension?

For example, you can access your Shazam browser history anytime to view a list of songs identified with the Chrome extension. Apple Music integration is supported, too, allowing you to play full songs provided you have an Apple Music subscription. Last but not least, this extension can also get you song lyrics, show you music videos and more.

Apple's promotional image showing Shazam running on two iPhone models

After acquiring Shazam in 2017, Apple has kept the native Shazam apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac on the App Store, updating them with new features and security fixes. At the same time, Apple has baked Shazam functionality into Siri on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. You can even invoke Shazam from your iPhone’s Control Center or your home screen to identify songs playing in an app or around you.