How to see your full Shazam song history on iPhone

Shazamed a song when you were outside and later wish to know which track it was? Check out how to see your Shazam or Siri Shazam history on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Shazamed song history on iPhone on blue background

Ways to use Shazam on iPhone and iPad

You can use Shazam – Apple’s music identification service in three ways on your iPhone:

  1. By asking Siri, “Which song is playing” or “Which song is this?”
  2. By using the Shazam app.
  3. And by adding the Shazam button to the Control Center.

In my testing, I found that all Shazamed tracks do not appear in one place (even when logged in and on the same device). If you identify a song from Siri, it has its own history. If you use the app, this has a separate section of all such identified tracks, and the same for the Control Center method.

So, here are five different ways to see the songs you have identified using Shazam via various methods.

1. How to see your Siri Shazam history on iPhone

Siri uses Shazam to identify songs. Though it isn’t compulsory to have the Shazam app. Here are the steps to see the full history of songs Siri has identified for you:

1) Open the iTunes Store app.

2) Tap the bullet list icon from the top right.

3) Tap Siri to see all songs you have identified using Shazam by asking Siri.

4) You can purchase the song by tapping its price. Alternatively, tap its name > Listen to hear it for free if you have an Apple Music subscription.

Siri Shazam song history in iPhone iTunes Store app

2. How to see all Shazamed songs in the app

After you have identified a song using the Shazam app, it’s listed along with your previously recognized songs. Here’s how to find that.

1) Open the Shazam app.

2) Pull up the tab above My Music.

3) Tap Shazams to see all your identified tracks here.

Shazam song history in its official app

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3. How to see songs identified using Shazam in Control Center

If you used the Control Center button to Shazam songs, here’s how to see all their titles:

1) Open the Control Center by swiping down from the top right of an iPhone with Face ID. On iPhone with a Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2) Long-press the Shazam app icon to see the songs identified using this method. If you tap the song’s name, it will open in the Shazam app.

Shazam song history in iPhone Control Center

4. Use the Shazam widget to see the identified songs

If you are on iOS 14 and later, one handy method is to use the Shazam widget on the Home Screen or Today View. Depending on the widget’s size, it will display one, three, or four recently found tracks. You can always use the other methods to see the longer list.

Shazam widget on iPhone Home Screen showing recently identified songs

5. How to automatically add all Shazamed tracks to a playlist

Finally, one last option is to sync your Shazams to Apple Music. After this, every song you identify using Shazam will be automatically added to an Apple Music playlist called “My Shazam Tracks.” Super handy!

How to see your Shazam history on Apple Watch

The songs you identify using Shazam on your Apple Watch sync and show in your iPhone Shazam app. But you can also see them straight on your wrist. Here’s how:

1) Open the Shazam app on your Apple Watch.

2) It will show the last Shazamed song. Swipe up on the Recent Shazams screen to see more songs you have identified. If you aren’t on the Recent Shazams screen, tap <Match to go to this screen.

Recent Shazams on Apple Watch

You now know how to see the song titles identified using Shazam, irrespective of the method used. If you want to learn more about this handy app, here are some helpful related posts: