How to share your name and photo in Messages on Mac

If you’re running macOS Big Sur or later, you can make some changes to what your pals see when using Messages. You can share your name as you want them to see it and the photo or Memoji you select, plus decide who can see both.

Here, we’ll show you how to share your name and photo in Messages on Mac.

Share your name and photo or Memoji in Messages

It takes only a few minutes to set up Messages on Mac to share the name and photo or Memoji you select. And it all starts in Messages > Preferences. So open the app and let’s go!

1) In Messages > Preferences, select the General tab.

2) Click the button for Set up Name and Photo Sharing.

3) On the next screen, hit the Continue button.

Set up Name and Photo Sharing Messages Mac

4) Select a photo or Memoji or click Customize to choose a different picture and then hit Done.

5) If you’re happy with your selection, click Continue.

6) You’ll be asked if you want to use that photo everywhere including your Apple ID and My Card in the Contacts app. Pick either Use or Not Now per your preference.

Pick Photo for Sharing in Messages on Mac

7) Confirm or edit your first and last name as you’d like it to appear and choose who you’d like to Share Automatically with: Contacts Only or Always Ask.

  • If you pick Contacts Only, your name and photo will be shared automatically with your Contacts.
  • If you pick Always Ask, you’ll be prompted for each conversation confirming that you want to share your name and photo.

Note: You can go back to your Messages Preferences and change how you’re sharing later if you like.

8) Click Done.

Name and Photo Shared in Messages on Mac

And, you’re all set!

Stop Sharing

If you’d like to disable this down the road, it takes only a few clicks. Go back to Messages > Preferences > General, uncheck the box for Share Name and Photo, and click Stop Sharing to confirm.

Stop Name and Photo Sharing in Messages on Mac

About photo sharing in Messages

For those with a previous version of macOS (10.15 or earlier) or not sharing photos and Memojis, you’ll still see the picture assigned to your friend in Contacts.

Even though you’re sharing a photo or Memoji that you pick, your Messages recipient will be asked if they’d like to update your card in Contacts with that new picture.

Wrapping it up

If you want your contacts to have a specific photo of you or your personalized Memoji, this is the way to do it. Are you going to open Messages on Mac and share your own name and photo? Or are you fine with whatever your friends and family have in their Contacts card for you?

For zipping around the app quickly, take a look at these keyboard shortcuts for Messages on Mac.