How to send PDF, ZIP, and other files on iMessage

When you’re inside an iMessage chat, you only see the option to send photos and videos. As a result, people often ask, “how do you send a PDF through iMessage” or “can you iMessage ZIP files.” To put these worries at ease, let me tell you that it’s very easy to send PDFs, ZIP, and other files through iMessage. You don’t need additional third-party apps or services. Here’s how to send files via iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

iPhone iMessage screen showing PDF and ZIP file being sent

How to send files through iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how to attach PDF, ZIP, .txt, or other files to iMessage and send it:

1) Open the Files app that’s preinstalled on all recent iPhones and iPads and go to the location where your files are saved.

2) Tap the more icon (three dots inside a circle) and tap Select.

3) Now, select one or more PDF, ZIP, or other files. You can even go ahead with files of different kinds, like one PDF and one ZIP.

4) Tap the share icon.

5) Tap Messages.

Select PDF, ZIP, and other files in iPhone Files app to send on iMessage

6) Type the person’s name, email, or phone number and tap the blue arrow to send the files via iMessage.

Send PDF and ZIP file through iMessage on iPhone

The above steps show that sending files other than photos and videos is possible through iMessage on iPhone and iPad. All you need is Apple’s Files app.

PDF and ZIP file received on iMessage for iPhone
PDF and ZIP received on recipient’s iMessage.

Now, if the file you want to send is not already in the Files app (On My iPhone or iCloud Drive), you’ll have to add it there first. The steps to do that are effortless. Simply select the files > share icon > Save to Files.

If your PDF and ZIP files are in apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, you can enable these services to show in the Apple Files app. After that, you can text the PDF or ZIP file easily via the Messages app.

Finally, if a third-party PDF or ZIP file app already lets you share them via the iOS Share Sheet, tap the share icon and choose Messages. This way, you eliminate an additional step of adding the file to the Files app.

How to send files via iMessage from Mac

It can’t get easier to send PDFs, ZIPs, and other files through the Messages app on Mac. All you need to do is shrink the Messages app window size and drag & drop the file on the iMessage screen. After that, press the enter key to send the file.

Send PDF and ZIP via iMessage on Mac

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