How to stop your AirPods from announcing incoming messages

Notifications Announce Messages with Siri Enabled on iPhone

If you use your AirPods frequently and for a good amount of time, then you’ve probably experienced some interruptions. Yes, you’re relaxing to a classical tune or in the middle of a riveting podcast episode and boom, Siri starts reading a text message you received.

Having Siri read your messages to you while wearing your AirPods can be convenient, especially if you’re waiting for one. But it can also be annoying if you are listening to music, an audiobook, or something else that gets abruptly interrupted by an unimportant message. Luckily, you can stop your AirPods from announcing incoming text messages and here’s how.

Disable “Announce Messages with Siri”

Since this is a simple setting, it’s one that you can easily disable and then reenable later if you like.

1) Open the Settings on your iPhone and choose Notifications.

2) Select Announce Messages with Siri.

3) You can disable the feature for all apps by turning off the toggle at the top next to Announce Messages with Siri.

Announce Messages with Siri Enabled on iPhone

As an alternative, you can select a specific app in your list. For Messages, as an example, you can select who Siri should announce messages from: Favorites, Recents, Contacts, or Everyone.

If this is a feature you think you might disable and reenable often, you can put it in your Control Center and do so quickly.

1) Go to Settings and select Control Center.

2) Under More Controls, tap the plus sign for Announce Messages with Siri to add it to the top.

Then just swipe to open your Control Center and tap the icon when you want to turn the feature off or on.

Wrapping it up

Again, having Siri announce your incoming messages can be handy. If you’re waiting for a text from your friends or family, then it’s convenient. But if you plan to immerse yourself into that new album or audiobook, you might want to turn the feature off.

What are your thoughts on the Announce Messages with Siri? Do you enjoy hearing your text messages read to you only on occasion or not at all? Let us know below or ping us on Twitter!