How to use the enhanced actions menu in Notes on iPhone and iPad

Note Folder actions menu on iPad

Some might say there’s nothing wrong with the menus in the Notes app on iOS. But once you take a look at the redesigned menus on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you’ll appreciate the new arrangement and appearance.

An actions menu appears for both a note and a folder allowing you to do things like pin, lock, or copy a note as well as add people and view attachments. These types of actions remain in each menu with the update, just arranged differently so that you can access key actions quicker.

Here’s what you’ll find with the enhanced actions menus in the Notes app on iPhone and iPad.

Note actions menu

You can access the actions menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the note. You’ll notice that you have four actions pinned to the top for easy access; Scan, Pin/Unpin, Lock/Remove, and Delete.

Note actions menu iPad

Below these you’ll see your other options to Add People, Find in Note, Move Note, and insert Lines & Grids as well as Send a Copy.

Send a Copy is the new action which opens your device’s Share Sheet. From there you can send the note, share it, print it, or save it to Files.

Folder actions menu

To access the actions menu for a folder, select a folder and then tap the three dots on the top right.

You’ll notice that the Gallery and List switch and sorting options are now in the actions menu. You have the same options as with iOS 13 and iPadOS from there with the exception that you can now add a folder from this actions menu.

Folder actions menu iPad

Additional folder actions menu

You have one other spot that offers a folder actions menu. If you tap Edit on your Folder list, you’ll see three dots to the right of each folder while in this edit mode. These are also the same actions available on iOS 13 but with the Add Folder option now available.

Edit Folder actions menu iPad

Wrapping it up

Updates like this to apps we use for productivity are always welcome. We use those menus more than we even realize, so having a quicker and easier way to perform the most common actions is a plus.

How do you like the updated actions menus in Notes? Do you find the menus to be more useful this way?