How to organize Notes with the collapsible Pinned section on iPhone and iPad

Pinned Notes iPadOS 14

Users have had the ability to pin notes in the Notes app for a few years now. While the feature has worked well, there’s always room for improvement. And that’s exactly what Apple did with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Along with a bit of a redesign to the menus and actions, the Notes app also offers a collapsible Pinned note section.

Pinned notes on iPhone and iPad

Make your notes stand out

When you pin a note in the Notes app, this keeps the item at the top of the list. And you can pin several notes. So you always have quick access to those items you need most.

This could include notes you use over and over like a constantly updated list of tasks, editable daily summary, or group of web links for reference.

Since you can pin and unpin notes easily, you can keep them at the top temporarily as well. You might pin a note you need for a week, specific project, or current assignment and then unpin it when you finish with it.

Updated pinned notes section

Pinned notes have always been kept at the top of your notes list for that folder. And with the iOS 14 update, they still are, but now they are in a more noticeable section.

Before iOS 14, pinned notes were separated from the list by a simple bold line. But as you can see in the screenshot below, they have their own distinctive label and section with iOS 14.

iPadOS vs iPadOS 14 Pinned Notes

Along with this dedicated spot for pinned notes, you have the ability to collapse them. This is extremely handy for keeping things nice and neat in the Notes app. You can simply tap the arrow to expand when you need a pinned note and tap again to collapse it when you’re done.

Collapse Expand Pinned Notes iPad

How to pin notes

The ways in which you can pin notes haven’t changed on iPhone and iPad, and we’ll go through a refresher of those methods below. The one thing that has changed; however, is that the Pin option is more prominently displayed in the updated actions menu that also came with iOS 14.

  • Tap the actions menu (three dots) at the top of the note and select Pin.
  • Press and hold a note to display the shortcut menu and select Pin.
  • Swipe the note from left to right and tap the Pin
  • Drag a note from the Notes list to the Pinned section.
Pin a Note Shortcut Actions iPad

And remember, you can unpin a note using any of the above actions and selecting Unpin or by dragging a note from the Pinned section down to the Notes list.

Wrapping it up

The update to Notes adding a collapsible and nicely displayed pinned notes section is a good one. It makes your important notes stand out better and even encourages you to take advantage of the pinned notes feature.

Do you pin notes for permanent use or just temporarily in the Notes app? Or maybe you haven’t used this feature in the past but plan to now? Let us know your thoughts below or ping us on Twitter!