How to pin conversations in the Messages app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Pin Conversations in Messages iPad

If you’re a fan of the pinned notes feature in Apple’s Notes app, then you’re going to love pinned conversations in Messages that debuted with iOS, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. You can pin both individual and group conversations that you participate in regularly for quick access to them. Plus, you’ll see an indicator for recent conversations and can see messages as they’re coming in.

For the full scoop, here’s how to pin conversations in Messages.

How to pin conversations in Messages

Pinning a conversation in Messages is super simple. Tap and hold the conversation in your list of messages and select the option Pin [name/group] from the shortcut menu. On Mac, right-click the conversation and choose Pin.

You’ll then see that conversation pinned to the top of your message list.

Messages Pin Conversation

To unpin a conversation, tap and hold it and select the option Unpin [name/group] from the shortcut menu. On Mac, right-click the conversation and pick Unpin. You can also Hide Alerts or Delete a conversation from that menu if needed.

Indicators for pinned conversations

Upon receiving a new message for a pinned conversation, a blue dot appears below that pin. You’ll also see recent replies and Tapbacks. And if you happen to have Messages open when a message is on its way, you’ll see that lovely typing indicator on the pinned conversation.

Messages Pinned Conversation Indicators

For pinned group conversations, you’ll see the three recent participants circle around the pin when they send a message.

Rearranging chat heads

As you pin each chat, it will fall next in line in the grid at the top. But maybe you want your most favorite contact’s conversation always in the same spot. You can rearrange the pinned conversations easily — simply drag a pinned conversation where you want it, then release.

Rearrange chat heads

You’ll see the other pins move around and out of the way.

Pinned conversations limit

You can pin up to nine conversations, to keep all of your family, friends or business messages at the top of your list. And once you hit that limit, you’ll see a friendly message.

Messages Limit message

Using Messages with iCloud, those conversations you pin will sync across your devices and pinned conversations do show up in searches you perform in Messages, too.