How to pin notes to the top of the Notes app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

You can easily pin important and frequently used notes to the top of the Notes app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In this brief tutorial, we’ll share how to do that.

Pinned notes in Apple Notes app on iPhone

How to pin notes in the Notes app

Since pinned notes sync via iCloud, you only need to pin a note on one of your Apple devices, and it will appear at top of the Notes app on all your iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

On iPhone or iPad

1) Open the Notes app.

2) Go to the All iCloud or another folder where you have your notes. To pin an existing note, please jump to the next step. If you want to pin a new note, tap the compose button to create a new note. After that, return to the main folder screen that shows all the notes, and follow the step below.

3) Swipe right on a note and tap the pin icon. You can also touch and hold a note and tap Pin Note from the menu.

Pin note in iPhone Notes app

This note will appear under the Pinned heading and stay on the top of the folder (see the first image of this article). Any new note you create will be stacked below your pinned notes.

Unpin a pinned note

To unpin, simply repeat the swiping gesture from left to right and tap the crossed pin icon. You can also touch and hold a pinned note and tap Unpin Note.

Unpin note in iPhone Notes app

On Mac

1) Open the Notes app and go to a folder to see your notes.

2) Right-click over a note name and choose Pin Note.

Right-click to pin note on Mac

You can also swipe right on a note using your Mac’s mouse or trackpad and click the pin icon.

Pin note in Notes app on Mac with a right swipe

Unpin pinned note

Right-click over a pinned note and select Unpin Note. You can also swipe right over a note and click the slashed pin icon.

Unpin pinned note on Mac

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