New to Mac? How to right-click on your Mac

Mouse Settings Point and Click Mac

If you’ve owned a Mac for years, then this isn’t anything new to you. But there are plenty of Windows users out there making the move to Mac. And one thing you may struggle with as a new Mac user is how to right-click. It sounds simple enough, but there is a difference from Windows to Mac when you need to right-click.

Depending on whether you have a MacBook with a trackpad or an iMac with a Magic Mouse, you have a few ways to perform a right-click on Mac and here’s how.

Right-click with your trackpad

You may have an external Magic Trackpad or use your built-in Multi-Touch trackpad. Either way, use two fingers and click or tap anywhere on the trackpad.

If you prefer your right-click be on the corner of your trackpad instead, you can change this easily.

Go to Apple icon > System Preferences > Trackpad. You’ll see your available options under Point & Click.

Trackpad Settings Point and Click Mac

Right-click with an Apple mouse

Using either a Magic Mouse or Mighty Mouse, click the right side. There is no button and the mouse is touchy with good reason. So just be sure to have your finger all the way to the right.

You can change some of your mouse settings if needed. For instance, you can have the secondary click on the left instead of the right or if you have an Apple four-button mouse, you can pick the primary and secondary button options.

Go to Apple icon > System Preferences > Mouse. You’ll see your available options under Point & Click.

Mouse Settings Point and Click Mac


Perform right-click actions with your keyboard

If getting the hang of right-clicking with your trackpad or mouse is difficult at first, you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions that you would with a right-click.

Hold the Control key and click on the item you want the actions for.

And if you’d like extra help with differences with your keyboard, shortcuts, and names of settings, be on the lookout for our Windows to Mac guide.

Wrapping it up

When you get your first Mac, there is a lot to get used to if you’re switching from Windows. Right-click sounds like the most basic thing to most people, but it’s just one of those things you don’t realize will be different.

Do you have tips of your own to share with those switching from Windows to Mac? Remember, no matter how simple it may sound, it could be really helpful to those new Mac users out there.