Magic Trackpad

How to enable the three-finger drag gesture for your MacBook trackpad and Magic Trackpad

Three-finger drag on MacBook's trackpad

The three-finger drag gesture allows you to select the text, or move a window or any other element by dragging it with three fingers on the trackpad. It can be used to quickly move or adjust the position of windows, files, or images on the screen.

However, this gesture is disabled by default, so in this tutorial, we will show you how to enable three-finger drag on your MacBook or Magic Trackpad in just a few clicks.

How to make taps on your iPad trackpad register as clicks

Do you use a pointer device with your iPad, like a trackpad? If so, it pays to know about an option that makes tapping the trackpad with one finger register as clicking. Follow along with us as we show you how to enable or disable Tap to Click for your connected iPad trackpad in case you'd like to make taps on the trackpad register as either regular taps or physical clicks.

How to adjust how quickly the pointer moves when you use a trackpad or mouse with iPad

Thanks to the new iPad tracking speed settings that are available with the iPadOS 13.4 update or higher, you can easily increase or decrease the speed with which the pointer moves across the screen while using trackpads or mice with your Apple tablet. Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial as we show you how to adjust the iPad tracking speed to your liking.

Here are all the iPad gestures available with Apple’s Magic Trackpad and Mouse accessories

iPad trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4 opens up whole new ways to use your Apple tablet. iPad trackpad and mouse gestures are supported by Apple's Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, as well as the company's standalone Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse 2 accessories. Follow along with your favorite blog as we teach you about all of the iPad trackpad gestures that are available with the Magic Trackpad 1 and 2, Magic Mouse 2 and third-party mice.

Apple seeks import tariff exemption on Mac Pro parts

The United States government has threatened to slap Chinese imports with an additional $300 billion in tariffs, which would affect Apple. In a pre-emptive move, Apple has now asked the Trump administration to exclude the new Mac Pro parts and select accessories like Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad from a 25 percent tariff on Chinese imports.

How to right-click on Mac (and what to do if you can’t)

Mouse Settings Point and Click Mac

If you’ve owned a Mac for years, then this isn’t anything new to you. But there are plenty of Windows users out there making the move to Mac. And one thing you may struggle with as a new Mac user is how to right-click. It sounds simple enough, but there is a difference from Windows to Mac when you need to right-click.

This tutorial explores all the practical ways to right-click or, as Apple calls it, a secondary click on your Mac using a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard.

How to automatically disable the trackpad when a mouse is connected to your Mac

Apple Magic Mouse

The trackpad on your MacBook can be a wonderful way to navigate and get your work done. But at the same time, it can be a bit annoying, mostly if you're not using it and hit it by mistake.

Maybe you prefer to use a mouse instead of your trackpad or even a different wireless trackpad that you connect to your Mac. So, you're typing away, grab your mouse for something, begin typing again, and your palm hits the trackpad. Boom, what just happened on the screen?

There is a very easy way to avoid this problem. Here's how to automatically disable the trackpad when a mouse, or wireless trackpad, is connected to Mac.