How to add check boxes, sliders, and star ratings in Numbers

Add Controls in Numbers on Mac

Numbers is more than a simple spreadsheet application. You can do things like create a form for data entry and insert interactive charts, in addition to tracking. Another great feature is the ability to add controls like check boxes, star ratings, pop-up menus, sliders, and steppers. These items give you easy ways to do data entry, fill out forms, and analyze your data.

Here, we’ll show you how to add each of these controls and adjust their settings to fit your needs. So if you want to add a check box, slider, star rating, or similar control in your next Numbers sheet, here’s how.

How to navigate the menu bar and menus with VoiceOver on Mac

VoiceOver Mac menu bar

If you’re just starting to use VoiceOver on your Mac, then navigating the menu bar and the menus within it is one of those things you’ll need to become familiar with pretty quickly. While it’s not particularly difficult, it’s like many other VoiceOver gestures and commands, you simply need to get the hang of it.

To help you navigate the menu bar and the menus with VoiceOver on your Mac effectively, we’ll show what you need to know.

How to customize the Dock and menu bar of your Mac

Customize Dock and menu bar on your Mac

macOS lets you customize the Dock and menu bar effortlessly. Starting with macOS Big Sur and carried forward by its successor macOS Monterey, the System Preferences saw some revamp. You can figure out most of these changes on your own. But there are a few things you should know to get started.

So here, we’ll show you how to customize the Dock and menu bar on Mac.

How to use the VoiceOver Help and Commands menus on Mac

VoiceOver and Help Menu on Mac

When you first start using VoiceOver on Mac, it can take some time to get used to it. Remembering the commands available and how to initiate them definitely takes some time. Apple knows this and provides helpful menus to make it a bit easier.

While using VoiceOver, you can access the Help and Commands menus for some assistance. And if there’s any keyboard shortcuts to remember when using VoiceOver, it’s the ones to display these menus. So, here’s how to access and use the VoiceOver Help and Command menus on your Mac.

How to use the enhanced actions menu in Notes on iPhone and iPad

Note Folder actions menu on iPad

Some might say there’s nothing wrong with the menus in the Notes app on iOS. But once you take a look at the redesigned menus on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you’ll appreciate the new arrangement and appearance.

An actions menu appears for both a note and a folder allowing you to do things like pin, lock, or copy a note as well as add people and view attachments. These types of actions remain in each menu with the update, just arranged differently so that you can access key actions quicker.

Here’s what you’ll find with the enhanced actions menus in the Notes app on iPhone and iPad.

How to clean up your Share Menu on Mac

Mac Share Menu Shortcut Menu

You have sharing options all over the place on your Mac. You’ll see Share in the menu bar, shortcut menu, and toolbar for some apps. You might notice, however; that with the more apps and services you add to your Mac, the more that sharing list grows.

To keep your Share Menu nice and neat, plus contain only the sharing extensions you actually use, this tutorial shows you how to customize it.

New to Mac? Learn the basics of your menu bar

MacBook desktop - learn the menu bar

One of the key tools you have on your Mac is the menu bar. This handy dandy toolbar sits across the top of your screen and gives you access to everything you need on your Mac.

For those new to macOS, the menu bar can be a little tough to understand in some situations. Plus, you have ways to customize it exactly as you’d like it, as long as you know how.

If you’re a new Mac user, we want to help make your macOS experience as productive and efficient as it can be. So, here are the basics of the menu bar that you need to know along with some tips to help you use it more effectively.

Add a splash of color to your Home screen’s 3D Touch shortcuts with ColorShortcuts

I often take advantage of the 3D Touch-based shortcuts on my Home screen to access vital features in my favorite apps, but I’ll be the first to admit that Apple’s native implementation of these menus looks somewhat bland out of the box.

Fortunately, a jailbreak tweak called ColorShortcuts by iOS developer Cole Cabral can fix that. Just as you might have inferred from the tweak’s name, ColorShortcuts will permit jailbreakers to colorize their 3D Touch menu shortcuts however they’d like.

How to add the weather forecast to your Mac menu bar

Weather Indicator for Mac

The menu bar on your Mac is a handy spot to quickly see the date, time, or battery level, plus have fast access to your Notification Center, Spotlight Search, or Siri. So, why not have your weather conditions there too? Then at a glance you can check the current temperature and click for your forecast.

Instead of opening a separate app to get these details; here’s how to add the weather forecast to your Mac menu bar.

How to enable the ‘Save As’ option on Mac

Enable the Save As option on Mac

A few years back, Apple started hiding the Save As option from the File menu in all Mac applications, a move likely aimed at simplifying things for casual users. If that works great for the majority of people, power users like you and me prefer the flexibility and granularity of the Save As command.

In this post, I will show you three ways to use Save As on Mac. We will look at two different keyboard shortcuts, and we'll also set up a permanent solution to bring back the Save As option in the File menu of all applications running on your Mac.

Force3DAppShortcuts enables Quick Actions on unsupported devices

Anyone with an iPhone 6s or later can access handy 3D Touch-based app features directly from their Home screen without launching the said app, but those with older devices haven’t been as lucky (until now).

A new free jailbreak tweak called Force3DAppShortcuts by iOS developer DGh0st lets you access the same Home screen-based Quick Action menus that you could typically only access on a 3D Touch-enabled device.