How to take advantage of the Music MiniPlayer on your Mac

Music MiniPlayer MacBook Screen

The Music app’s MiniPlayer on Mac is probably not something you give much thought to. Heck, you might not use it at all. But if you find yourself struggling for real estate on your screen, it’s definitely a tool to check out.

You might listen to music while you work or even while playing a game. So why stop what you’re doing to open the Music app just to forward to the next song or see if the lyric you’re singing along to is correct? The MiniPlayer is small, resizable, moveable, and gives you what you need to control your tunes.

Here’s how to take advantage of that little Music MiniPlayer on your Mac.

Open the Music MiniPlayer

Open the Music app on your Mac and select a song, playlist, or radio station that you’re in the mood for. Click Window > MiniPlayer from the menu bar. And voila, your MiniPlayer pops onto the screen with your selection playing.

Now you can close the Music app window and just use the MiniPlayer.

Customize the MiniPlayer

There are a few ways to get the MiniPlayer just how you want it, starting with resizing it. That part is simple, just drag an edge or corner to resize it.

You can also simply remove the artwork from the window. Click the More (three-dot icon) button on the MiniPlayer and pick Hide MiniPlayer Large Artwork from the menu.

Hide MiniPlayer Large Artwork

In addition to being able to move the MinPlayer anywhere on your screen that you want it, you can make sure it’s always in view.

1) Click Music > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select the Advanced tab.

3) Check the box for Keep miniplayer on top of all other windows and click OK.

Keep miniplayer on top of all other windows

If you decide to shrink the MiniPlayer as small as you can get it, keeping it on top of your other windows won’t be quite so distracting. Plus, you’ll have easy access to it no matter what you’re doing.

The nice thing about customizing the MiniPlayer is that the next time you open it, your adjustments will be remembered.

Navigate the MiniPlayer

Now that you know how to open and customize the MiniPlayer, you’ll need to know how to navigate it which is pretty easy.

You’ll see the duration and time for the song at the top with the title and artist below.

Put your cursor on the MiniPlayer and the controls will display. From left to right you have Volume, More, Rewind, Play/Pause, Lyrics, and Playing Next.

Music MiniPlayer Controls Mac

The Volume button not only controls the volume of the music on your Mac, but also allows you to enable connected devices like your HomePod and control those volumes too.

MiniPlayer Master Volume

If you click the Lyrics or Playing Next buttons, those sections will expand. Just hit the button again to collapse the section.

MiniPlayer Lyrics Playing Next

Also, in the Playing Next list you’ll see a link to your History, so you can play a previous tune easily. Plus, each song has a More button for you to take action like in the Music app. You can do things like add the song to your library or a playlist, create a station, love or dislike the song, and more.

Music MiniPlayer Playing Next Song Actions

Wrapping it up

The Music MiniPlayer is a convenient tool for controlling music on your Mac without the Music app window itself. Hopefully you’ll put the MiniPlayer to good use while you work or play.

Are you going to give the MiniPlayer a try to save some space on your screen?

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