Listen while you work: Apple Music and Spotify playlists for focus

Apple Music Focus playlists Mac

Many people enjoy listening to music while they work. And whether you do it with earbuds on your iPhone or a speaker with your Mac, music can help set the mood. For concentration and focus, Apple Music and Spotify have assembled a several playlists to help.

If you’re looking for tunes that help you keep your mind on your work, rather than singing out loud, check out these listening options.

Apple Music playlists for focus

Apple Music Focus section Mac

Apple Music has a few categories to check out for music to help you focus and work, starting with the Focus section in the app.

On your Mac, open the Music app. Click the Browse option on the left side and then Music by Mood. You should see the Focus collection.

On iPhone or iPad, just open Music and tap the Browse tab. Scroll until you see the Music by Mood section and Focus category.

In addition, Apple Music offers a collection of Home Office Hits with playlists like Easy Hits for pop, Speakin’ Easy for country, and Easy Rock for, well of course, rock.

And this is definitely not the end of the list. So browse through the Focus and Home Office Hits sections for something new and different that makes awesome background music while you work.

Spotify playlists for focus

Spotify Focus section Mac

Spotify actually has a Focus category for their playlists that’s definitely worth a listen.

If you’re on your Mac, open the Spotify app. Hit the Browse option on the left side and then Genres & Moods in the center. Scroll down and click Focus.

On iPhone or iPad, just open Spotify and tap the Home tab. Scroll until you see the Focus category.

Believe it or not, there are almost 50 playlists in the Focus category!

And the nice thing about the playlist options in Focus is that they’re still according to the genres you love.

The Focus category on Spotify also has several piano concentrated playlists, additional instrumentals, guitar playlist options, and even white noise and nature sounds.

For more, head to the Wellness category. There you’ll find relaxing playlists like Rain Sounds, upbeat options like Sunny Beats, and even a Piano Massage. So be sure to browse around for something that suits your day, work style, or mood.

Wrapping it up

Music doesn’t always have to be about singing along to your favorites. And when it’s time to get down to business, whether work or study time, these kinds of playlists can keep in your mind and attention focused.

Do you have any Apple Music or Spotify playlist suggestions that help you focus? Please feel free to share them in the comments below!