Spotify decides to pause adding AirPlay 2 support to the iOS app

Despite the fact Apple launched AirPlay 2 way back in 2018, there are some iOS apps out there that don't support it. One being the ridiculously popular music streaming app, Spotify. And while it sounds like the company is looking into it, and even plans on implementing support at some point, it turns out it won't be soon.

How to set a preferred music app on iPhone using Siri

Classical music apps iPhone - IDAGIO

Although there are plenty of music apps available on iOS, Apple never let users choose a preferred music service while requesting playback via Siri. Of course, you could manually play music using your app of choice. However, if you were to ask Siri to play a track, it would only use Apple Music. Thankfully, Apple has changed this since the release of iOS 14.5. You can now set your preferred music app while using Siri.

This tweak hides podcasts from the Spotify app

Despite the fact that Apple Music ships natively on all of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, many users still flock to Spotify as their go-to media streaming service.

One thing users have noticed as of late is that Spotify has been investing heavily in the podcast space despite originally being a music streaming platform. This is wonderful news for podcast listeners, but to those who lack interest in podcasts, it’s nothing but extra clutter in an otherwise great app.

Luv lets jailbroken Spotify users like or dislike songs from anywhere in iOS

Many media streaming apps like Spotify provide a like button so that you can tell the app you like what you hear. The app then tries to curate playback based on the feedback you give it.

I’ve enjoy the ability to enhance music playback in this way, as it helps with artist discovery. But it frustrates me that you need to physically be in the Spotify app to like a song, which calls for a multitasking and gesture shenanigans even when you’re trying to get something done in another app.