How to change a Spotify playlist cover image in the app and web

Change Spotify playlist cover image

When you create a Spotify playlist, the cover image is automatically made up of album artwork of the songs added to that playlist. If you don't like what you currently see, you can easily set any desired image as the playlist cover. Here's how to edit your Spotify playlist and use a custom image as the playlist cover picture.

How to share Apple Music playlists on Mac

Share a Playlist in Mac Messages

Sharing a Music playlist full of tunes is a great way to share your love of music or favorite songs with friends and family. You can easily share an Apple Music playlist from iPhone and iPad or a Spotify playlist from iOS and Mac. So here we’ll show you how to share a playlist from the Music app on your Mac.

How to import and export playlists in Music on Mac

Import Music Playlist on a MacBook

If you use more than one music service or simply want to back up one of your playlists, the Music app on Mac can accommodate you. While there are additional tools and other methods, you do have the ability to pull in a playlist you saved from another location or save a current Music playlist as a backup, or import it to a different service.

Here, we’ll show you how to easily import and export playlists in the Music app on Mac.

How to use Genius Playlist and Shuffle in Music on Mac

Genius Playlist and Shuffle in Music on Mac

Genius isn’t a new feature in the Apple Music app. But if you’re new to Music or just picked up your first Apple device, Genius is new to you.

This handy feature helps you discover songs in your music library. You can create a Genius Playlist which compiles tunes that go well together for a fantastic mix. Or you can use the Genius Shuffle feature which simply plays songs that sound good together based on the tune you pick.

The Genius Playlist and Shuffle features give you a nice and easy way to hear your music assembled just for you. Here’s how to use Genius in the Music app on Mac.