This tweak puts a song counter at the top of each Spotify playlist

Spotify has long been one of my favorite media streaming apps – perhaps even more so than Apple’s native Apple Music platform. But one thing that has always managed to grind my gears is how the playlist interface doesn’t even so much as display the number of songs you’ve added to it.

Fortunately, a solution for this problem now exists in the form of a newly released and free jailbreak tweak subbed SpotifyPlaylistNumberOfSongs by iOS developer Aleksilassila.

How to hide tracks on Spotify you don’t want to hear (and unhide them if you change your mind)

An illustration showing a white Spotify logo, with lettering, set against a green background

You can hide Spotify songs within an album or playlist that you don't want to hear, as well as show hidden ones at will. When listening to your music, Spotify will automatically skip any hidden tracks. Temporarily hiding a song is much better than removing it completely. Follow along with us to learn how to hide Spotify songs and unhide them if you change your mind.

Listen while you work: Apple Music and Spotify playlists for focus

Apple Music Focus playlists Mac

Many people enjoy listening to music while they work. And whether you do it with earbuds on your iPhone or a speaker with your Mac, music can help set the mood. For concentration and focus, Apple Music and Spotify have assembled a several playlists to help.

If you’re looking for tunes that help you keep your mind on your work, rather than singing out loud, check out these listening options.

How to create and manage playlist folders in the Music app on Mac

Holidays playlist folder Music Mac

Playlists in an app like Music can help you group together your favorites songs, those based on mood, or tunes for a special occasion. And in the Music app on Mac, you can use folders to organize those playlists better.

For instance, maybe you like to create playlists for holidays like Christmas and New Year’s, so you can listen during the festivities. With a folder in the music app, you can take all of those holiday playlists and pop them into a folder just for Holidays.

This is just one example, and there are probably plenty of others where organizing your playlists into folders would come in handy. So, our tutorial is going to show you how to create and manage playlist folders in the Music app on your Mac.

How to create and manage a playlist in the Apple TV app on Mac

My Playlist TV app Mac

You might be familiar with the Apple TV app on one of your other devices and use it to watch shows and movies. With the macOS Catalina update, Apple brought this app to your Mac. And if you’re new to it, we’re here to help.

You can use the handy playlist feature to set up a night of entertainment for yourself or an afternoon of fun for your family. Here’s how to create and manage a playlist in the TV app on Mac.

This tweak prevents you from adding duplicate tracks to Music playlists

If you take advantage of Apple’s native Music app to enjoy songs from your favorite artists, then you probably already know just how easy it is to add the same song to a playlist more than once.

Although Apple hasn’t integrated any safeguards against duplicate songs in your playlists, iOS developer Frozen Penguin is here with a solution in the form of a new and free jailbreak tweak called Dejavu2.

This tweak enables true randomized playback shuffling in Spotify

I still prefer using Spotify over Apple Music, but that’s not to say that the former couldn’t do with some improvements. One of the most notable gripes about Spotify is that the random shuffle isn’t as random as some folks would prefer.

Here to a rescue is a new free jailbreak tweak called TrueShuffle by iOS developer Yung Specht, which, as the name implies, brings true song randomization to the Spotify app on jailbroken devices.

How to share Spotify playlists on iOS and Mac

Share Spotify Playlists Mac app

If there’s one thing that’s better than enjoying the music you love, it’s sharing it with others. And if you use Spotify, sharing your playlists is easy. You can quickly share them in a variety of ways from your devices.

So, if you’re ready to brighten someone’s day with some cool new tunes, here’s how to share Spotify playlists on iOS, Mac, and the web.