iOS 15.2 lets you search for songs within Apple Music playlists

A new feature lets you search within Apple Music playlists in the Music app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to find matching songs in any of the playlists available on the service.

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  • A new playlist-search feature appears in the iOS 15.2 software
  • With it, users can search songs in Apple Music playlists
  • This feature is also launching on iPad and Mac

How to search for songs within Apple Music playlists

Apple’s Music app supports searching for playlists, a helpful feature if you have dozens of your own playlists. But what if you actually wanted to find songs that appear inside playlists? Before iOS 15.2, this wasn’t possible at all so to help with that, the third beta of iOS 15.2 has introduced an enhanced playlist search option in the Music app.

To start a playlist search, fire up the Music app on your iPhone with iOS 15.2+ or your iPad with iPadOS 15.2. Now choose “Library” among the tabs lined up alongside the bottom. Now select “Playlists” underneath the heading “Library” and choose one of the listed playlists. Now all that’s left to do is swipe down from the top to reveal a field for searching content within the selected playlist.

The feature works for all playlists in the Music app, not just Apple Music ones.

To be sure, this is a quality of life improvement but we’re loving it nonetheless. If you’re wondering why wouldn’t just search Apple Music in the search tab for the song you want, a Reddit user offers an explanation:

Because I have a playlist I shuffle whenever I don’t know what I want to listen to. It’d be nice to basically play a song from that playlist whilst remaining within that playlist without having to back out.

With hundreds of playlists available on Apple Music, finding the one right for the moment can be both a time-suck and an exercise in frustration. But with playlist search now coming to the Music app, you’ll be able to sift through all the playlists to find the song you like. Read: How to see what your friends are listening to on Apple Music

Playlist search will launch across iPads with the upcoming iPadOS 15.2 update.

It’s coming to Mac computers, too.