Apple is promoting Fitness+ in a collection of newly launched Apple Music workout playlists

Fitness+, the iPhone maker’s subscription service for home fitness buffs, is being promoted on Apple Music with a collection of playlists designed to motivate you while working out.

The Apple Fitness+ service augments workout videos with appropriate playlists on Apple Music for each individual workout type, as noted by AppleInsider:

Part of the Apple Fitness+ service is its close integration with Apple Music, with the former using music that can be listened to on the latter. To show off this integration, Apple has added the ability to easily find Fitness+ playlists within Apple Music.

A new Browse category has been added to Apple Music’s search page titled Fitness, which contains a large number of fitness-related playlists. As well as including existing playlists that could be used for working out, the category also includes a section titled ‘Apple Fitness+ Studio Series.’

Go ahead, browse the different workout-based playlists via the Music app’s Search tab (hit the “Fitness” category), see if the included music selection fits your workout regimen or not.

There’s something for everybody in there, with musical styles spanning the dance and electro styles (for rowing workouts) to a chill-out playlist (for yoga workouts) and beyond.

According to Apple itself:

The Apple Fitness+ team gathers some of the world’s best trainers to coach you through rewarding workouts for all levels of fitness or experience. So they know a thing or two about motivation—and how music can play a part.

To accompany your next workout, the trainer team, along with Apple Music’s editors, has curated the Studio Series of playlists, with each set of tracks calibrated and designed to keep your energy up and help you complete that last set, run the last mile or hold that last pose. Choose your workout, hit play and prepare to crush it.

Priced at $10 per month and $80 per year, with a one-month free trial available, Apple Fitness+ provides professionally produced on-demand workout videos from established trainers, with Apple Watch integration and availability across the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Apple Fitness+ is also bundled with the Apple One subscription.