How to see apps and services with access to your Music on iOS and Mac

Mac Music Apps With Access

You can grant access to third-party apps and services to your Apple Music. For instance, you might let Alexa have access so you can play Apple Music with your Amazon smart speaker.

But if there comes a time when you want to revoke access to an app or service, you’ll need to know how. This tutorial shows you how to see which apps and services have access to your Music on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

See allowed apps and services on iPhone or iPad

On iOS, you have a few spots to look for apps and services with access to Music. If you already have the Music app open, then select the For You tab and tap your profile on the top right.

Scroll down and you’ll see Apps With Access. Tap Edit if you want to remove one.

Music Apps with Access iPhone

You can also see this information in your Settings. Select iTunes & App Store and tap your Apple ID at the top.

Select View Apple ID and on the Account Settings page, tap Apple Music. Tap Edit to remove access from one of the apps or services.

Settings iTunes and App Store Apps iPhone

If you know that you’ve granted access to another app, like Shazam for example, but don’t see it listed in either of the above two locations, there’s one more place to look.

Open Settings and choose Privacy. Scroll down to and select Media & Apple Music. Here, you’ll find apps that have access to Apple Music, your music and video activity, and your media library. Move the toggles to disable access to any apps you like.

Settings Privacy Media Apple Music Apps iPhone

See allowed apps and services on Mac

On Mac, there are also a couple of places to check for apps and services with access to Music. The quickest way is to open the Music app and then click Account > Apps with Access from the menu bar.

From there, you can click Remove next to one if you want to revoke access or just click Done if you were just taking a look.

Mac Music Apps With Access

The second place in the Music app is in your account section. Click Account > View My Account from the menu bar and sign in if prompted.

Scroll down to Account Access and next to Apple Music you’ll see the number of apps with access.

Mac Music Account Access Apple Music

Click Manage to view them and then Sign Out to remove one or Done if you’re finished.

Mac Apple Music Apps With Access

Wrapping it up

Allowing access to your Apple Music is great for listening to your tunes in different ways. But if you no longer use an app or services, it’s best to revoke that access.

How many apps and services do you allow to access your Music?