New to iPhone? How to save phone numbers on iPhone to Contacts

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When you see a phone number pop up on your caller ID that you don’t recognize, chances are you won’t answer it, unless you’re one of the few. But have there have been times when that caller turned out to be someone you knew, maybe calling from a new number? Or perhaps it was a business you visit, like a doctor’s office or food delivery service. In these types of situations, you may want to save that number.

You can easily save a number for someone who has called you right from the Phone app to your Contacts. Plus, you can save numbers that you call too, to make it easier to call them again later.

Here’s how to save numbers from the Phone app to Contacts on iPhone.

Quick rundown of recent calls

Just so your familiar with the symbols and indicators in the Phone app, open it up and tap Recents at the bottom.

You can choose to see All calls or just Missed ones with the buttons at the top.

  • Calls that display in red are those that you missed.
  • Calls that display in black are ones you answered.
  • Calls with a phone symbol and arrow to the left are calls that you made.
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Save a phone number to Contacts

As you can see in your list of Recents as well as Missed, you have an Info icon (small letter “i”) on the right. This gives you details about the call and caller if they’re already in your Contacts list.

1) To save a new number, tap that Info icon for that call.

2) Select Create New Contact, Add to Existing Contact, or Add to Emergency Contacts.

3) Depending on which option you choose, follow the prompts to continue and save that number to your Contacts.

Phone app iPhone Save to Contacts

Now when you receive a call from that number you saved, it should display with the name you assigned to that Contact. And, you can make calls to them much easier from your contacts list or using Siri.

Wrapping it up

Tips like these are valuable for those new to using an iPhone but can be helpful to others who’ve simply never done this before. So, if you have tricks like these that you think would help our readers, leave a comment below!

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