How to save a contact to your iPhone (8 easy ways)

In this tutorial, we will share 8 quick ways to create a new contact and save a person’s phone number, email, home address, and more to your iPhone.

iPhone Contacts app icon on a solid violet blue background with little circle pattern in the background

1. Use the Contacts app or Phone app

The Contacts app is what holds all of your friends, family, coworkers, and favorite people. So, if you have a bit of information jotted down on a piece of paper, like a phone number or email address, you can create a new contact there in a snap.

1) Open the Contacts app or the Phone app and tap Contacts.

2) Tap the plus sign from the top to add a new one.

Open Phone or Contacts app and tap the plus button

3) Enter the information you have for the person in the corresponding fields like name, company, phone, email, address, birthday, social media profiles, etc. You do not have to fill in everything and can leave them empty if you don’t have that information. Note: You can designate specific items like phone numbers as Work, Home, or Mobile, which comes in handy.

4) At the bottom of the contact card is a spot for Notes and the option to “add field” for other things like pronunciation, nickname, or job title.

5) Tap Done from the top when you finish.

Enter contact details and save number on iPhone

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2. Use the Phone app keypad

If a phone number is written on a business card or a piece of paper, here’s how to save it manually.

1) Open the iPhone Phone app and tap Keypad.

2) Enter the phone number you want to save.

3) Tap Add Number and choose Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.

4) If you choose “Create New Contact,” give it a name, fill in other details, and tap Done. If you choose “Add to Existing Contact,” select an already saved person’s name and tap Update.

Create New Contact from iPhone Phone app keypad

3. Save a recent call from an unknown number

Adding a new contact from a phone call you either received or placed to someone is another handy method.

1) Open the Phone app and go to the Recents tab. You can use either All or Missed tabs at the top. You can also follow the same steps for saving a contact from the Voicemail tab.

2) Tap the info icon ⓘ next to the phone number or email address.

3) Select Create New Contact.

4) Add the necessary information and tap Done when you finish.

Save a recent call as new contact on iPhone

4. Save an unknown texter’s phone number

Follow these steps if someone has sent you a text message and you want to save their number to your iPhone.

1) Open the Messages app and go inside that conversation.

2) Tap the phone number or profile picture icon from the top center.

3) Tap info.

4) Pick Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact and save the number.

Save a contact from Messages app on iPhone

5. Save an email address from the Mail app to your contacts

If you use the Mail app on your iPhone and have either received or sent an email to somebody that you want to turn into a contact, this is just as easy.

1) Open the Mail app and open the email to or from the person.

2) Tap the sender’s name or email address next to the From field. If it isn’t visible, tap the header area first.

3) Tap Create New Contact, complete other fields you’d like to add to their contact card and hit Done when you finish.

Save an email address to contact on iPhone from Mail app

6. Save a phone number or email from a web page in Safari

If you come across a phone number or email address on a website, you can save it to your iPhone’s Contacts app.

  • For a phone number (or email address that’s a tappable hyperlink), touch and hold the number or link and choose Add to Contacts.
Touch and hold a phone number in Safari and save it to iPhone Contacts
  • For a visible email address mentioned in plain text, select it and use the arrow button on the thin menu strip until you see the Add to Contacts option. Tap it, followed by Create New Contact.
Select email address in Safari web page and add it to contacts on iPhone

7. Use third-party apps to save a contact

Some third-party apps also let you save a new contact. Here are the steps to do that from WhatsApp — the world’s most popular chat app.

1) Open WhatsApp and tap the compose new message button from the top right.

2) Tap New Contact.

3) Enter the first & last names and the phone number.

4) Finally, tap Save.

Save a contact to iPhone using WhatsApp

8. Import SIM or Google contacts to iPhone

You also have the option to import contacts from your physical SIM card or other internet accounts like Google. The contacts you import appear inside the Contacts app and the Phone app and feel just like any other contact you save manually.

However you choose to create a new contact on iPhone, each of these methods is simple and convenient. Which one do you think you’ll use most often?

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