How to create contact groups on iPhone & iPad

We recently published a post explaining how to create contact groups on Mac, so we thought it would be a good idea to show you how to do that directly from your iPhone or iPad as well. Creating contact groups on iPhone is a fairly simple process.

In this guide, we will show you how to manage contact groups on iPhone or iPad by using an application we created called Contact Groups. Not only will we explain how to create contact groups, but we will also show you how to manage and edit these groups.

Create contact groups on iPhone

There are many applications in the App Store that let you create groups of contacts on iPhone and iPad, but we weren’t entirely satisfied with any of them, so we created Contact Groups, which we believe is the best out there as it is free, simple, and offers an elegant design.

How to create a group of contacts on iPhone and iPad

1) Launch Contact Groups and grant it access to your contacts (only required the first time you launch the application).

2) Tap the plus icon (+) at the upper right, which should take you to the New Group screen.

create contact group

3) Type in a group name. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will call this group “Friends,” but you’re obviously free to name it whatever you want.

Name new group of contacts

4) Now tap Add contacts. Scroll through your contacts list and select all the ones you want to add to your group. Tap the Save button to finish creating your new contact group.

Add contacts to the group

5) Preview the newly created group, and tap the Save button again to confirm.

Save group

You can obviously start this process over should you want to create multiple groups.

How to remove contacts from a group

Note that removing a contact from a group does not delete this contact from your address book.

1) Go back to the main screen of the Contact Groups app. Tap a group from which you want to remove one or several contacts. This will show you all the contacts that you have assigned to this group.

2) Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen, and unselect the contacts you want to remove from this group.

3) Tap the Save button in the upper right to save your edited group.

Delete a contacts group on iPhone

Deleting a group of contacts will not remove the individual contacts from your iPhone Contacts app.

1) Open the Contact Groups app, and you will see your created contacts in the Groups section.

2) Swipe left on one of the groups and hit Delete.

Download Contact Groups

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